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July 07, 2020

Baseball legend, Negro League star and Hall of Famer Leroy "Satchel" Paige was born in 1906 in Mobile, Alabama.

Today in Black America - July 9

POSTED: July 09, 2018, 2:00 pm

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Today in Black History: E. Frederic Morrow becomes the first Black to serve in the Executive Office of the President in 1955, appointed by President Eisenhower.

The New York Times


Ralph Paige, Champion of Black Farmers, Dies at 74

A Decades-Old Hate Crime, Forgiven but Never Forgotten

Can the A.C.L.U. Become the N.R.A. for the Left?

18 Inaccurate Claims from Trump's Montana Rally

Both Parties Face Leadership Struggles as House Returns

U.S. Tried to Block Resolution Endorsing Breast-Feeding

Trump 'Very Close' on Court Pick, buy May Wait Until Last Hours

Pruitt, Fallen E.P.A. Chief, May Rise Again in Oklahoma


Manhattan District Attorney Demands Access to Police Records

‘Ugly Albany’ on Display in Federal Trials and Pension Ruling

New York’s Emergency Food Program Gets More Funding, but Will It Be Enough?

Abington superintendent resigns after Stephen Schwarzman donation debacle

Gap between rich and poor Pa. school districts has grown, funding lawsuit says

"Trump wants us out of here. It's pushing us to do more': Philly Latinos on Trump's America

Pa., N.J. among states examining hiring policies of fast-food chains

Editorial: Memo to Philly government: 1950 called, they want their hiring practices back

Students march in Philly for gun control laws

The Detroit Free Press

Snyder: Referral to FBI of complaint about AG Schuette 'a serious matter'

Rochelle Riley: If you don't vote, you have no right to complain

Concerns raised about contractors sitting on Detroit wrecking board

Thousands of grade school children in Detroit go without recess

The Star-Ledger

Black men got the right to vote in 1870. This ex-slave's son was the 1st to cast a ballot.

Grandmother on oxygen dies after PSE&G cuts off her power, grieving family says

Bludgeon Dems running for Congress with Murphy tax hike hammer? Say hi to the GOP playbook

Ex-N.J. Supreme Court justice: Why you need to know 'stare decisis' this summer

The Chicago Tribune

Preparing for a verdict in Laquan McDonald's killing, activist crafts approach to a watershed moment

Shot in the face, man leaves trail of blood through neighborhood: 'Every day, shots ... It's normal.'

Opinion: How a 1960s street gang turned into a powerful political organization addressing Chicago gentrification

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

AP Fact Check: Trump off base on energy, court case, more

Ohio restarts voter purge process with changes to help prevent unnecessary cancellations

Cleveland Councilman Ken Johnson's neighborhood program earns scrutiny over use of federal funds: Mark Naymik

Mike DeWine, Richard Cordray may have favored contributors when awarding contracts

The Washington Post

From Kellyanne Conway to Stephen Miller, Trump’s advisers increasingly are a target of public fury

Trump ‘very close’ on pick for Supreme Court as allies lobby for possible justices

The Fix: The most interesting late development in the Supreme Court derby

As Trumpism takes hold, Republicans face increasing pressure to embrace policies they once opposed

At state level, GOP renews push to require ‘supermajorities’ for tax hikes, imperiling progressive agenda

11 states launch investigation targeting fast-food hiring practices

New York Giants’ A.J. Francis rails against TSA for spilling his mother’s ashes in luggage during inspection

Elrich edges out Blair in Democratic primary for Montgomery County executive

By day, he runs for president of South Sudan. By night, he unloads trucks at Lowe’s.

Nonprofit pursues Baltimore’s troubled young men — to change them

Sydney Harrison and Rodney Streeter claim victory in close Prince George’s County Council races

The Los Angeles Times

Amy Coney Barrett is the favorite of social conservatives, but Democrats are already taking aim

Authorities search for suspects in brutal beating of 92-year-old man

Outside funders give L.A. Unified under new Supt. Beutner a $3 million vote of confidence

Former NFL player Brandon Browner arrested on suspicion of breaking into woman's home

USA Today

Trump legal adviser talks up Kavanaugh and Barrett for Supreme Court

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