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April 15, 2021

Harold Washington, first Black mayor of Chicago, was born in 1922, and civil rights and labor leader A. Philip Randolph in 1889.

Today in Black America - February 11

POSTED: February 11, 2010, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Black Leaders Push Obama for Jobs Bill

Once Stigmatized, Food Stamps Find Acceptance

Mayors Grow Attuned to the Politics of Snow Removal

Small Fund-Raisers for Victims Start to Add Up

Outspoken Hurricane Expert Sues Over Dismissal

Child Obesity Risks Death at Early Age, Study Finds

Expansion of A.P. Tests Also Brings More Failures

For Detained Youths, No Mental Health Overseer

The Politician’s Wife Claims No Baggage

Prisons, Redistricting and the Census

Baltimore Sun

Md. again leads nation in AP exams

Home sales up 8% in January

Stern O'Malley defends storm response, warns roads will remain 'perilous'

The Christian Science Monitor

How to reduce student dropout rates: link volunteering to studies

As snow piles up, concern grows about roof collapses

Bernanke outlines 'exit' plan to extract Fed from safety net role

More Americans say 'don't ask, don't tell' for gays should be repealed

The Washington Post

Jobless claims fall sharply in latest week

Poll finds most Americans are unhappy with government

Obama, civil rights leaders discuss improving conditions for black America

Va., Md. and D.C. can apply for aid for two storms at once

Honor system is reported at unmanned Tenleytown Safeway

Massive King memorial nearly ready for trip to Mall for assembly

Detroit Free Press

Riddle case not easy one for jury

College prep style charter school to open in Detroit

More Detroit schools to close, Bobb says

Chicago Tribune

City Council grants landmark status to former homes of famous black writers

Democrats prepare to pick new lieutenant governor

Palin exposes the partyers

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Stimulus helped Georgia’s budget

Reaction swift to state test report

Los Angeles Times

More than 1,500 California jail inmates are released early

Rep. Diane Watson to announce retirement

Lifeline of adult day healthcare may snap for some



N.J. union challenges naming Orange building after attorney general nominee Dow

Essex workers file grievance against county for not giving snow day during blizzard conditions

Mayor Cory Booker in State of the City address says Newark is poised to recover, thrive

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