today in black history

April 17, 2021

Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, gained independence on this date in 1980.

Today in Black America - March 25

POSTED: March 25, 2011, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Many U.S. Blacks Moving to South, Reversing Trend

Census Data Presents Rise in Multiracial Population of Youths

U.S. Group Stirs Debate on Being ‘Pro-Israel’

Even While Taking a Chance With Libya, Obama Is Playing It Low-Key

Lobbyists’ Long Effort to Revive Nuclear Industry Faces New Test

New York City’s Population Barely Rose in the Last Decade, the Census Finds

The Message of Labor, Proclaimed Through Song

The Detroit Free Press

Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick tells why he lied about affair -- likely would again

Kilpatrick diagnosed with traumatic stress disorder; SkyTel disputes it

Ex-Kwame Kilpatrick aide Christine Beatty denies any e-mails tied to Tamara Greene killing

Kilpatrick corruption case: Judge shuts door on leaks of evidence

150 Michigan school systems on verge of going broke

Metro Detroit school districts fearful of being taken over by emergency financial managers

Census fallout: Detroit races to amend laws

Metro Detroit Muslims hoping to welcome controversial Florida pastor

The Christian Science Monitor

What Wisconsin says about labor unions' clout in America

Census data show Hispanic boom. How it could impact US politics.

For safer nuclear power plants, leave the '70s era behind

US gets its wish: NATO to assume control of Libya no-fly zone

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Ga. unemployment fund near empty

Freaknik bids for comeback

Thousands protest immigration bills

The Star Ledger

N.J. health commissioner is expected to announce her resignation

Atlantic City casino hotel workers union sues to nix $261M state aid to Revel casino

55-year-old Jersey City woman faces drug charges

N.J. unemployment rate rises to 9.2 percent as 'discouraged' workers resume their job search

The Baltimore Sun

Consuming Interests: Maryland is No. 2 in the country -- for fraud

Officials hope baseball can once again bring city kids together

Delegates send $14.6 billion budget to Senate

Chicago Tribune

Man gets 32 years in prison in videotaped beating death of Fenger student

Man convicted in 1994 rape, murder hopes DNA test clears his name

Threat to lay off 363 teachers prompts student walkouts

Cook County health care CEO William Foley resigns

The Washington Post

D.C.’s black majority slips away

Census: Number of Hispanics, Asians skyrocket

Wealth declined for most households in recession

States target jobless benefits

Wis. Dems: We’ll win back Senate

Postal Service announces job cuts

Teen’s disappearance baffles police

The Los Angeles Times

In major cuts, Gov. Jerry Brown slashes services for poor, sick and elderly

California employers could be hit with big tax bill for jobless benefits, auditor warns

Californians' wealth took one of the biggest hits in the recession

Final city election tallies give Parks a third term

USA Today

Can Tea Party groups get behind one candidate for '12?

Census: Hispanic, Asian populations soar

In D.C., blacks are no longer the majority

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