today in black history

July 02, 2020

NAACP attorney and Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall, the first Black to serve on the Supreme Court, is born in 1908 in Baltimore.

Today in Black America - November 3

POSTED: November 03, 2010, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

G.O.P. Captures House, but Not Senate

Obama Is Expected to Urge Cooperation on Economy and an End to Vitriol

In House Victories, Republicans Oust Old and New Democrats Alike

In Governor’s Races, Republicans Make Gains

Tight Deadline for New Speaker to Deliver

Republican Party Time

National Parks Reach Out to Blacks Who Aren’t Visiting

In G.M.’s Comeback Story, a Big Role for Washington

Cuomo Cruises to Win in New York Governor’s Race

Once Again, City Voters Approve Term Limits

Baltimore Sun

O'Malley wins second term as governor; voters clear way for slots at Arundel Mills

Democrats denounce robocalls telling voters to 'relax'

New Baltimore state's attorney prepares to take over

Committee approves plan to air key city meetings on TV

The Christian Science Monitor

Nevada Senate race: Harry Reid wins in election night's biggest Houdini act

Democrats lose Obama's old Senate seat to Mark Kirk

Vote 2010: Why European liberals see the tea party as 'a circus of fools'

Sarah Palin says election 'refudiates' Democrats. Yes, 'refudiates.'

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Georgia election | Deal defeats Barnes to take Governor's Mansion

Georgia election | Democrat Marshall loses congressional seat; Bishop in fight

Star Ledger

Most N.J. Democrats retain U.S. Congressional seats despite national trend

N.J. tea party falls short with Anna Little's attempt to unseat Rep. Frank Pallone in 6th Dist.

N.J. voters ban use of unemployment, disability funds for budget gaps

Detroit Free Press

Rick Snyder leads decisive sweep; GOP wins lock on political power

Ban on felons in office passes

Obama's agenda was focus, but Detroiters let themselves down

The Washington Post

SC elects black GOP congressman; 1st since 2003

Feingold loses in Wisconsin

Florida Election results 2010: Marco Rubio beats Meek, Crist to claim Senate seat

Once again, the electorate demanded a new start

On Fox News, Election 2010 is cause for cheer

For Mr. Obama, a rebuke and a chance to right himself

Los Angeles Times

Jerry Brown cruises to win

Harris takes slight lead over Cooley in attorney general's race

Nancy Pelosi keeps her seat, if not her gavel

Youth vote falters; Prop. 19 falls short

GOP picks up at least 10 governors' mansions

Nevada Sen. Harry Reid fends off Sharron Angle

Philadelphia Tribune

Corbett defeats Onorato in Pennsylvania governor's race

GOP takes full control of Pennsylvania Statehouse

How advocates toiled to get out the Philadelphia vote

Inquirer Editorial: Now for the governing

The beauty salon, one of the last segregated places, has become more welcoming to a mix of black and white clients and stylists.

Chicago Tribune

Kirk captures Senate seat

Quinn, Brady in a squeaker

Democrats poised to retain power in Illinois legislature

After the vote: More sanity, please

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