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July 14, 2020

The George Washington Carver National Monument is dedicated in 1943 in Diamond, Missouri in honor of the famous scientist.

Today in Black America - February 10

POSTED: February 10, 2011, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Virginia Democrat Opts to Stop at One Senate Term

Republicans in House Battle Turmoil in Their Ranks

House Republicans Take E.P.A. Chief to Task

Conservative Leader Steps Down on Eve of Conference

Counting by Race Can Throw Off Some Numbers

Charges Against Muslim Students Prompt Debate Over Free Speech

Unions to Press Chase on Modifying Additional Mortgages

Public-Worker Unions Skip Albany Ad Blitz for New Tactics

The Detroit Free Press

Illegal grade-fixing allegations swirl at DPS

Detroit health department to hold HIV/AIDS program

Bobb: DPS needs state to pass bond-security measure

State to cut most college students off food stamps

Former aide to Ken Cockrel Jr. charged in Synagro bribery scheme

The Christian Science Monitor

Egypt protests: US conservatives divided on how to view them

A tea party message in Patriot Act defeat: We're about more than taxes

Unemployment 101: Who pays for jobless benefits, anyway?

As Charles Taylor boycotts trial, Sierra Leone's war-battered residents hope for justice

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Tea party slams Ga. tax plan

Michelle Obama visits Atlanta, touts fight against childhood obesity

The Baltimore Sun

Census: Baltimore City losing ground, population boom in parts of S. Md.

Baltimore could lose Senate seat, census data shows

Md. leads in improvement for black AP test-takers

After fellow Democrats complain, city delegate resigns from tea party

Baltimore state's attorney wants to shift prosecutors into neighborhoods

The Chicago Tribune

Hopefuls go after Emanuel on taxes, slavery reparations

More Illinois high schoolers taking AP courses, but racial gaps linger

New superintendent, more cops on next mayor's list

Business can do business with Obama

The Washington Post

Minorities are majority population in Montgomery County

Webb's decision not to run leaves Dems looking to Kaine

Republican 2012 field tests waters at CPAC

Democrats try to sideline Supreme Court justice

Napolitano: Threat may be highest since 9/11

D.C. organization will end needle exchange

The Los Angeles Times

California plans $2-billion program to help distressed homeowners

California high schoolers do better and take more AP exams

Give Brown points for killing ill-advised state property sale deal

State Board of Education puts the brakes on parent-trigger law

The Star Ledger

Drop in N.J. bond rating could add to state's borrowing costs, financial problems

Codey backers suspect Essex County power brokers intend to redraw his legislative district

N.J. Democrats attempt to block expected effort to 'pack' minorities in legislative districts

Camden council votes down 23 percent tax hike that would restore 47 police positions

News & Observer

Shaw students mentor middle-schoolers in dress, manners

Veto of cuts appears likely

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