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July 08, 2020

In 2003 President George W. Bush condemned slavery as one of the greatest crimes in history during a visit to Goree Island in Senegal.

Today in Black America - February 24

POSTED: February 24, 2011, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

In Turnabout, U.S. Says Marriage Act Blocks Gay Rights

Mr. Obama Moves Against Bias

Life on the Run For Democrats In Union Fights

Thousands March on State Capitols as Union Fight Spreads

National Journal: McCain Tops List of Most Conservative Senators

New York State Proposal Would Cap Annual Medicaid Increases

Pressure Put on Adviser to Cuomo

Port Chester to Appeal U.S. Voting-Rights Ruling Aimed at Helping Latinos

The Detroit Free Press

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing to go after what cash he can

2,000 fill Michigan Capitol with pro-union protests

Non-profit releases independent Detroit census

Bing: Time to 'shape a new legacy;' 'what will your contribution be?'

The Christian Science Monitor

Immigration fight: Bill to end 'birthright citizenship' advances in Arizona

Arizona justice: Shawna Forde death sentence a rebuke to border vigilantes

Annual report cites rise in hate groups, but some ask: What is hate?

If a government shutdown occurs, what actually happens?

Obama weighs 'full range of options' for Libya's Qaddafi

Has Middle East turmoil reserved a slot for Al Jazeera on US television?

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Protests at Georgia Capitol react to labor debate elsewhere

Audit questions Atlanta's ability to manage federal grant money

APS Healthcare pays $13 million to settle false claims case

Region to add 3 million in 30 years, ARC says

The Star Ledger

Braun: N.J. public defender says Christie is trying to force her to resign

Acting N.J. education chief Cerf revises account of ties to mysterious firm

N.J. residents were highest-taxed in U.S. in 2009, report shows

Hundreds of students gather at Rutgers anti-bullying youth summit

Report shows progress in eliminating racial profiling by N.J. State Police

The Baltimore Sun

Yoga helps city youths cope with stress

Statue debate: Tubman, Hanson backers make case

More than 30 Baltimore police officers charged, suspended in towing scheme

City teacher wins classroom makeover

The Washington Post

Walker's rallying cry met mostly with silence

Wisconsin assembly strikes deal over union bargaining rights

Professors ask Congress for an ethics code for Supreme Court

Ex-convict sisters too overweight to share kidney

Obama focuses on jobs, economy in Cleveland

Prince George's forum addresses race and recession

Gray denies cronyism in hires

Renaming Pennsylvania Avenue?

Chicago Tribune

Suburbs hopeful that Emanuel follows Daley's lead

Rahm Emanuel offers help to aldermanic candidates who seek reform

Some of city's newest aldermen forced to runoffs

Charter schools to CPS: We need more space

The Los Angeles Times

New search warrants served as Bell corruption probe widens

Immigration agency pays Army veteran $400,000 for wrongfully detaining him

Compton school board rejects parent trigger effort

USA Today

Valerie Jarrett maintains her longevity in the White House

Tennessee bill would jail Shariah followers

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