today in black history

July 12, 2020

In 1787 delegates to the Constitutional Convention agreed to count slaves as "three-fifths" of a person for political representation.

Today in Black America - March 21

POSTED: March 21, 2011, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Airstrikes in Libya; Questions Back Home

Target in Libya Is Clear; Intent Is Not

Obama Urges Iran's Youth to Shed 'Chains'

In Brazil, Racial Symbolism is Unmistakable

A Chance to Build Again

Trial to Open in Lawsuit Connected to Hospital Deaths After Katrina

Race Remixed: Black and White and Married in the Deep South: A Shifting Image

Birmingham Journal: Another Role for Buses in Civil Rights History

Food Stamps and Tax Aid Kept Poverty Rate in Check

The Detroit Free Press

Companies: Gov. Rick Snyder's business tax plan simple, appealing

Cash-strapped cities push for tax structure reform

Rochelle Riley: Uncle Tom merits better from Jalen

DPS plan to convert 41 schools to charters bold, but will it work?

The Christian Science Monitor

Japan nuclear crisis: Will it give nations pause?

From pop star to president? Haiti looks set to elect 'Sweet Micky.'

Back in Haiti, is Aristide eyeing presidency?

Brazil's 'City of God' embraces Obama

On the UN approval of a no-fly zone in Libya: A vote for humanity

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Private school funding draws ire

30 Deep gang roams far, wide

State gains seat in U.S. House

No ordinary Sunday: Ebenezer celebrates 125 years

The Star Ledger

Superintendents for N.J. charter schools able to skirt salary caps imposed by Christie

Trenton arts community seeks collaboration to drive economic growth in the city

Discussion to transform inn into Bridgewater's first mosque turns into war of words

Newark History High School staff, students concerned about plan to move into new building

Early N.J. legislative redistricting plans by Republicans, Democrats widely diverge

Eric Thomas' murderer

The Baltimore Sun

MVA to change voter registration process

Md. lawmakers want to limit credit checks on job seekers

Historian Taylor Branch laments downfall of nonviolence

Minorities concerned about hybrid Balto. Co. school board

Recovery leaves women behind

FDA panel says ban on menthol cigarettes would benefit public health

Chicago Tribune

Pro-immigration group works to counter negative commenters online

Pfleger says decision 'in God's hands'

Affluent schools also feel strain

Editorial: Let prisoners keep earnings

The Washington Post

Arab League condemns broad Western bombing campaign in Libya

Questions raised about U.S. role and goals in Libya

2 Bush administration officials have realistic chance to be selected as FBI director by Obama

Growing clout of evangelicals shaping Republican debate

SBA looks to redefine ‘small’ business

Nine states hold keys to 2012

Curtains for the historic Takoma Theatre?

Shifting political climate in D.C.

The Los Angeles Times

LIBYA: Pentagon chief Gates cautions against targeting Kadafi

California GOP sees anti-tax stance, opposition to Brown budget as key strengths

Students continue trend of applying to more colleges

UCLA won't discipline creator of controversial video, who later withdraws from university

USA Today

Technology lets citizens be part of redistricting

Wisconsin battle 'far from over' as voters start recall efforts

Unemployment rises in nearly all metro areas

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