today in black history

September 29, 2020

Journalist Gwen Ifill, host of the PBS program "Washington Week," is born in 1955 in Queens, New York.

Today in Black America - August 5

POSTED: August 05, 2011, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Disapproval Rate for Congress at Record 82% After Debt Talks

End the Debt Limit

Time to Say It: Double Dip Recession May Be Happening

Panetta Pleads for No More Cuts in Defense Spending

Fighting Crime and Pressuring the Mayor, via Shoe Leather

One Nation, One Chicago Strives for Interfaith Understanding

Striking Change in Bedford-Stuyvesant as the White Population Soars

In a Pageant, a Borough’s New Face

Governing New York by Writing a Check

Bloomberg Deputy Hired With Much Fanfare Steps Down

The Detroit Free Press

Obama to visit battery facility in Holland

3 DPS unions sue over pay cut, contract changes

Rochelle Riley: Law can end education achievement gap

Freedom Weekend X promises to blend information, fun

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

300 rally to support Atlanta Public Schools

APS board to pick interim member

Douglas County DA to seek death penalty for Bobby Tillman

Region must ax 73% of projects from transportation wish list

Cops: Mom sees son on TV, turns him in for scooter theft

The Christian Science Monitor

Bruising battle over the debt limit: Where did it leave Obama?

Mortgage rates at record lows. Will that finally lift US housing market?

A hand up, not a handout, for young black and Latino men

Can George Soros, Michael Bloomberg save New York's troubled young men?

Ground turkey recall: Why the lag between illnesses and a public alert?

The Baltimore Sun

Rawlings-Blake joins challengers for first time at forum

Teen pleads guilty to beating transgender woman at McDonald's

UB faculty had earlier voiced concerns on spending

The Chicago Tribune

Love and basketball and a life cut short

Parents see big gap in school fees among districts

Durbin says tax reform must be part of future deficit talks

Obama supporters already on the attack for 2012 election

The Los Angeles Times

Stock plunge adds to challenges facing Obama's 2012 bid

California loses federal funds for teacher database

The Star Ledger

Concern over racial profiling against Hispanic passengers at Newark airport continues in wake of report

Funeral for teacher fatally shot in Newark last week to be held

Former N.J. Gov. Jon Corzine rumored as possible replacement for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner

Democratic Senators Sweeney, Norcross lose support of AFL-CIO

40 N.J. hospitals to share $90M in Medicare reimbursement

N.J. labor union refuses to endorse assemblyman who backed pension overhaul

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Mayor Frank Jackson quashes new social media ordinance aimed at killing flash mobs

USA Today

Critics say states should discontinue tax holidays

Minority seniors hit harder by economic issues

Study: Healthy eating is privilege of the rich

The Washington Post

Tuskegee Airmen, still flying high

Mystery firm gives to pro-Romney PAC, folds

For GOP, a chaotic primary calendar

The most unpopular Congress. Ever.

Big profits and...big job cuts?

Obama to speak at King memorial dedication

D.C. wraps up revamped summer jobs program

Jack Johnson sentencing pushed to Dec.

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