today in black history

July 03, 2020

Educator Dr. Ruth Simmons, the first Black president of Brown University, was born on this date in 1945 in Grapeland, Texas.

Today in Black America - September 26

POSTED: September 26, 2011, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Sentencing Shift Gives New Leverage to Prosecutors

An Indefensible Punishment

As Sides Dig In, Panel on Deficit Has an Uphill Fight

A Campaign Finance Ruling Turned to Labor’s Advantage

No One Is Winning Over a Volatile Electorate

Obama Turns Some Powers of Education Back to States

City Aide in Spotlight After Being Detained

Videos Show Police Using Pepper Spray at Protest on the Financial System

The Christian Science Monitor

Can Herman Cain keep up the momentum after his Florida straw poll win?

Troy Davis execution protest confronts support for death penalty

No Child Left Behind: with waivers, Obama offers states flexibility

Zambia's fiery populist, Michael Sata, wins presidential election

Palestinian statehood bid brings Abbas a personal victory

The honesty factor in reviving the economy

The Washington Post

Senate on spot as government shutdown looms

Pessimism grows after new congressional feud

Obama team targets minorities, core liberals

GOP activists vote Cain in protest

Md. Sen. Ulysses Currie’s bribery trial set for Monday

Wages remain frozen in D.C. area

Concern over D.C. middle schools

The Star Ledger

African-American unemployment reaches record highs

Rally to end violence in Trenton comes after several weekend crimes

1 hour into custody for allegedly assaulting police officer, East Orange man dies in Michigan prison

Citing poor economy, N.J. church allows congregants to take $30K out of collection basket

$100M grant from Mark Zuckerberg begins to have effect on Newark schools

EPA: N.J. needs $8B fix to antiquated sewer systems

The Detroit Free Press

Metro Detroit officials don't expect floods to lower tax assessments

ACLU taking on State of Michigan for poor people

Detroit Fire Department's chief of fire operations is demoted

On Mackinac Island, Romney and Perry try to woo activists

Thomas Turner: Union leader a skilled negotiator

The Baltimore Sun

Caesars bids for Baltimore casino rights

NAACP leader talks of Troy Davis execution

Sneed concedes in close City Council primary race

P.G. Del. Tiffany Alston charged with theft

Currie's future hangs in balance

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Troy Davis lost his life, will he win the PR battle

Ebenezer pastor continues fight against dealth penalty

The Chicago Tribune

Illinois budget deficit to hit $8 billion despite tax increase

White suburbanites going from pain pills to heroin

Exonerated death row inmate charged with retail theft

Black teachers unfairly targeted by CPS layoffs, union says

New CHA chief to tackle next step in public housing overhaul, Emanuel says

The Los Angeles Times

Nobel Peace Laureate, Wangari Maathai, dies at 81

Coliseum officials charged taxpayers thousands

Democrats scramble to replace cash

Dream Act legislation could complicate student aid picture

Time to stop cutting at L.A. Unified

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Anthony Sowell case propels judicial candidate Pinkey Carr into public arena (video)

Changes to Ohio's child support laws arrive this week

West Side's Urban Community School receives $5 million gift to expand

Immigration policy shift aims at unclogging courts by halting 'low-priority' deportations

South Sudan will receive 10,000 pounds in medical supplies from local non-profit group

USA Today

NYPD wiretaps reveal ticket-fixing, racial language

Obama slams Perry, GOP debates - even audiences

Texas serves final last meal to death row inmates

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