today in black history

August 09, 2020

We honor U.S Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first Muslim American to represent the United States in the Olympic games.

Today in Black America - September 30

POSTED: September 30, 2011, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Outsize Severance, Even for Failed Executives

American-Born Qaeda Leader, Is Killed in Yemen

An Icy Political Vision

Obama Charts a New Route to Re-election

Some Common Ground for Legal Adversaries on Health Care

E.P.A. Is Longtime Favorite Target for Perry

Few Bright Spots in Perry’s Health Care Record

House Approves Stopgap Spending Bill

After Arrest, a Wider Inquiry on SAT Cheating

For Christie and 2 Senators, Animus Is Mutual

The Christian Science Monitor

Listeria outbreak: How safe is America's food chain?

Why a fast Supreme Court ruling on health-care law might benefit Obama

Tea party targets Sen. Richard Lugar: Can moderate Republicans survive?

Alabama life already changing under tough immigration law

Kenyans watch as their leaders take the stand at ICC hearing

The Washington Post

Banks closing door on low-cost services

Energy secretary admits he gave Solyndra breaks on federal loan

In 15 states, white population has decreased, census count finds

Justice Dept. lawyers target states’ tough immigration laws

Is Herman Cain the GOP’s next big thing?

Christie’s hefty burden

Federal Diary: Correctional officers’ arrests are on the rise

Gay black youths go from attacked to attackers

The Star Ledger

Chris Christie seriously considering run for president in 2012

Newark churches hit with string of smash-and-grab burglaries

Newark City Council approves budget calling for tax hike and double-digit deficit

Newark Mayor Cory Booker adviser claims intimidation from police following critical 'blast' flier

Sylvia Robinson, the 'mother of hip-hop,' dead at 76

First Hispanic assignment judge appointed to Atlantic, Cape May counties

The Detroit Free Press

New airport CEO says $250,000 was pay cut from her old county job

Community colleges taking hits in Michigan

Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rep. John Conyers join protest of welfare cut-offs

U.S. to crack down on Detroit's deadly 48205 ZIP code

New Detroit program aims to put youths' focus on school, show violence not a solution

Rochelle Riley: Obama is looking at Clarke's bold tax plan for Detroit

George Chatman: Judge was thorough, conscientious

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Education committee recommends to Deal

Ga. GOP primary on Super Tuesday

'Black Mafia Family' member-turned-informant arrested for beating women

Hall faces sanctions in scandal

Aunt on city detail finds nephew's body

The Baltimore Sun

U.S. Sen. begins inquiry into Balt. housing agency

Conaway, Sneed launch write-in campaigns for City Council

Baltimore police investigate nine firebombings

Firm: Baltimore-area 'shadow inventory' at 50,000 homes

The Chicago Tribune

Report: CPS reforms failed many students

Teachers union wants to meet with aldermen

Cook County offers tax amnesty for businesses

The Los Angeles Times

Brown weighs bill challenging ban on affirmative action

Second Los Angeles school suspected of cheating

USA Today

More people claim black-white roots

High court could influence 2012 race

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cleveland delegation splits over redrawing state senate districts in special Friday session

Cleveland won't ask for disclosure of felonies on job applications

New Ohio elections law put on hold after groups deliver petitions to put issue on ballot

Former Cleveland Councilwoman Sabra Pierce Scott charged in Cuyahoga County corruption probe (updated)

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