today in black history

July 02, 2020

NAACP attorney and Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall, the first Black to serve on the Supreme Court, is born in 1908 in Baltimore.

Today in Black America - January 9

POSTED: January 09, 2012, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

In New Hampshire Newspaper, Gingrich Gets Coveted and Ferocious Supporter

Romney Is Focus as Battle in G.O.P. Takes Sharp Edge

PAC Ads to Attack Romney as Predatory Capitalist

Gary Bauer Says He Will Endorse Santorum

Manhattan Borough President Is Still Aiming High

Queens Broker Is Accused of Bringing Immigrants’ Ruin

The Christian Science Monitor

Supreme Court to enter tangled Texas redistricting case

New Hampshire GOP debate best yet, but who won?

Unemployment rate: How low can it go by Election Day? Under 8 percent?

Deported teen returns to US. How many Americans are mistakenly banished?

'Occupy Nigeria' emerges ahead of mass strike

The Star Ledger

NJ Transit lost $297M after Gov. Christie canceled Hudson River rail tunnel

Analysis: N.J. Legislature's racial, ethnic makeup out of step with state's demographics

Newark Mayor Cory Booker, City Council, feud over future of municipal watershed

Special Report: Did N.J. property tax reform help most taxpayers?

Longshoremen rally against dock automation eliminating N.J. jobs

The Detroit Free Press

Community, parents pitch in to make sure students have what they need

Unpaid taxes put thousands of metro homeowners at risk of foreclosure

Rochelle Riley: A friend to the end: Funeral home founder shared special bond with Sam Logan

Childhood vaccines credited with drops in state disease cases

Community leaders remember Sam Logan

The Washington Post

Romney takes fire in final N.H. debate

Pro-Newt Gingrich super PAC documentary savages Mitt Romney’s time at Bain

The longer the primary fight, the better

Super PACs create an ‘advantage gap’

Obama tries to outflank Congress

Major projects before Pr. George’s planners

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Georgia politicking 2012 kicks off

Capitol Who’s Who: The most powerful players

Criminal charges unlikely for 5 implicated in APS cheating

APD, local nonprofit get financial boost to fight trafficking

Charter schools hold lessons for traditional classrooms

The Chicago Tribune

McHenry County paying $275,000 in legal fees for Bianchi, aide

Trice: Obama-inspired quilt exhibit had troubled past

Chicago schools to begin longer days Monday

At Lathrop Homes, CHA's talk of transformation brings worry

The Los Angeles Times

Housing looms as strong voting issue in presidential election

Updated teacher observations key to improvement, report says

Arizona withholds school funding over ethnic studies class

USA Today

U.S. debt is now equal to economy

Moving evicted tenants is 'lucrative' business

How Civil War museums are evolving

Obama to promote businesses hiring at home

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Friendship expected to be key defense in Jimmy Dimora's corruption trial

Ohio changes subsidized child care tracking system

Open enrollment allows students to cross school district boundaries -- in some cases

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