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July 05, 2020

Arthur Ashe, Jr. won the men's singles tennis championship at Wimbledon in 1975, making him the first Black male to take the title.

Today in Black America - January 26

POSTED: January 26, 2012, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Fed Signals That a Full Recovery Is Years Away

New Housing Task Force Will Zero In on Wall St.

A Mortgage Investigation

Feeling Heat From Gingrich, Romney Enters Attack Mode

Candidates Scramble to Win Hispanic Votes in Florida

President Takes His Economic Message on the Road

Arizona Candidate Challenged Over English Skills

After Charges of Latino Abuse, Anger Shifts to a Mayor for His ‘Taco’ Remark

City Students at Small Public High Schools Are More Likely to Graduate, Study Says

The Christian Science Monitor

Politics of Romney's tithing: generous philanthropy or dogmatic Mormonism?

Was Newt Gingrich really all that close to Ronald Reagan?

New window on Fed thinking: Interest rates to stay low until 2014

State of the Union: What can Obama do about college tuition?

Mitch Daniels State of the Union rebuttal makes GOP wonder: 'What if?'

The Star Ledger

Black leaders: Gov. Christie needs history lesson after linking civil rights to gay marriage vote

Report: N.J. subsidized child care program hobbled by poor oversight and long waits

Newark officials praise recent dip in violent crime despite overall 2011 climb in homicides, shootings

Port Authority executive: 'President Obama gets it'

Jersey City councilman retains lawyer over council president flap

Gov. Christie calls for major changes in higher education

The Detroit Free Press

U.S. begins transition to give Detroit Housing Commission its power back

Donations roll in for 101-year-old Detroit woman who was evicted

Using surplus to add 1,000 cops questioned

Inkster judge says she treated court workers fairly

House Education Committee holds hearing on online charter schools

The Washington Post

Obama team counting on weakened Romney

Obama’s dust-up in the desert

Dionne: From Obama — no retreat, no surrender

Hill unlikely to act soon on transportation bill

D.C. should close or transform more than 36 public schools, study says

Family pleads for Lululemon killer

DCPS: Cafeteria supplier delivered rotten food

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Who is Gingrich's biggest backer?

Slave game alleged at school

Georgia chief justice calls for sentencing reforms

Ex-pastor gets time for stealing $200K

The Chicago Tribune

Use ovens for heat, building residents told

Ominous signs: More dipping into savings, adding debt

8th District Democrats deal with tea party factor

Abbott to cut 700 jobs even as profit rises

Cheryl Blackwell Bryson, 1950-2012

Emanuel wants more summer library programs

The Los Angeles Times

Forcibly sterilized woman felt 'butchered'

Two Obama initiatives to address foreclosure crisis face hurdles

Skelton: Poll shows strong support for Brown's tax hike

L.A. redistricting panel unveils proposed council boundaries

More college freshmen see getting good job as key goal, poll finds

More than 7,000 gift cards redeemed for L.A. classroom projects

USA Today

Florida poll: Romney, Gingrich in dead heat

Florida could test GOP's stance on immigration

USDA requires more fruits, veggies for school lunch

Today's college freshmen hitting books harder, study says

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cleveland Browns Stadium is about to put a big hit on the city: Mark Naymik

Cleveland MetroHealth System reports 2011 net loss, but officials positive on future

3 out of 4 Cleveland suburbs saw increases in poverty in last decade

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