today in black history

July 04, 2020

On this Independence Day renew your commitment to Black liberation and justice.

Today in Black America - April 25

POSTED: April 25, 2012, 12:00 am

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The Orlando Sentinel

Sanford pastors seek unity over Trayvon Martin case | Video

Scott Maxwell: Corey looks courageous, savvy in Trayvon Martin case so far

The New York Times

After 5 More Contests, Romney Solidifies Lead

Romney Delivers Big Wins and Assails Obama in Speech

Warmth of Campus Spotlight Beckons Obama Back

In Years Since the Riots, a Changed Complexion in South Central

Ruling Extends Sex-Discrimination Protection to Transgender Woman Denied Federal Job

Former City Finance Commissioner Fined $22,000 for Conflict

For Quinn Wedding, Politics on the Side

The Christian Science Monitor

Student debt: How big a risk does it pose to the economy?

Home prices: New numbers raise hopes they're finally starting to stabilize

Tough Arizona immigration law rattles state's Latinos (+video)

The Star Ledger

Newest Kids Count report finds evidence of 'persistent and pervasive' poverty in N.J.

Newark school board picks new chairwoman, shifting panel's dynamic

N.J. senator accuses Congressional opponents of breaking paperwork rules

Former Port Authority CFO's annual pension more than $200K

Suspended Bogota police officer: I was stopping 'excessive force'

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

APS panel upholds firing

Alleged PTA crook to get bond

More than 600 people help clean up downtown Atlanta for Earth Day project

The Detroit Free Press

Inkster Judge Sylvia James found guilty of using funds

Kindergarten preparation for each Detroit tot means $100,000 savings for Michigan, study finds

Detroit police chief tells task force how cops improve kids' safety

The Washington Post

Wal-Mart aided lobbying effort on bribery law

After a 5-state sweep, Romney declares ‘a better America begins tonight’

New Romney adviser faces backlash over his sexual orientation, tweets

Obama makes his pitch to colleges

Maryland looking at two special sessions

The Chicago Tribune

City Council approves Emanuel's controversial rebuilding plan

Brizard hopes funds for longer school days give principals more autonomy

City Colleges of Chicago graduation rate up

Housing advocates question empty CHA units

The Los Angeles Times

State population growth expected to slow

Judge faults California controller for docking legislators' pay

Burbank teacher wins national award, and praise from Obama

USA Today

More universities charging more for harder majors

Economic recovery caught between opposing forces

Shifts detected in support for death penalty

Harlem pastor: Killing of ex-Marine 'racially charged'

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Move to defund Planned Parenthood stopped by Ohio lawmakers, but issue could re-emerge

Forum shows that human trafficking goes beyond pimps, could be your neighbor, doctor, classmates

Cleveland casino's approaching debut worries problem gamblers

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