today in black history

July 12, 2020

In 1787 delegates to the Constitutional Convention agreed to count slaves as "three-fifths" of a person for political representation.

Today in Black America - May 10

POSTED: May 10, 2012, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Obama Backs Gay Marriage, Stepping Into Charged Issue

Editorial: Obama’s Moment

Charles M. Blow: Liberty and Justice for All

Romney Reaffirms Gay Marriage Opposition

Fannie Mae Posts Profit; Seeks No Aid

Nicholas Katzenbach, 90, Dies; Policy Maker at ’60s Turning Points

Thompson Quits Authority to Focus on Bid for Mayor

Senator Who Backed Gay Unions Won’t Run

2 Opinions on Stop-and-Frisk Report

The Christian Science Monitor

Obama, North Carolina at odds on gay marriage: Will it cost him the state? (+video)

What does Mitt Romney's new ad say about his strategy? (+video)

In Richard Lugar defeat, a tea party road map for revamping Washington?

The Star Ledger

President Obama's backing fuels gay activists looking to pass same-sex law in N.J.

State Police official summoned to 'Death Race 2012' hearing to explain escort protocol

Ex-Roselle mayor charged with fraud gets trial date

In closing arguments, ex-Newark police officer is painted as both a faithful and corrupt cop

Study: One-third of N.J. emergency room visitors aren't sick enough to be there

Leading N.J. donor to Sen. Menendez pleads guilty to making nearly $100K in illegal contributions

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Ex-MARTA dispatcher alleges bias

Fulton County Schools could soon join elite group of system charters

Ethics panel to discuss complaints against 3 APS board members

The Detroit Free Press

Battle brews over Don Barden's estate

Government accuses Kwame Kilpatrick of accepting lavish gifts from pension investment adviser

Longtime Wayne Co. official to quit, run for Detroit council

Contractor's lawyers want no mention of Kwame Kilpatrick ties at trial

The Washington Post

Obama’s move brings uncertain fallout

Capehart: Obama’s words finally match deeds

Democrats optimistic about chances of holding on to Senate majority

Postal Service drops closures for shorter hours

Lanier, D.C. police chief, staying on job

D.C. nonprofit head aiding Thomas probe

The Chicago Tribune

Emanuel defends pension proposal to city workers

State report slams college savings program

Council passes business license overhaul

USA Today

Study looks at economic mobility state by state

U.S. government plans to sue Arizona sheriff

Gallup: 1 in 3 young Americans underemployed

Ex-Detroit mayor faces charges in alleged pension scam

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cleveland schools will bus more students next year while saving money

Federal prosecutors subpoena Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority's parking leases with Cleveland Browns

New Ohio pension reform bills a longshot at ending stalemate in legislature

The Miami Herald

Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. honored at MCCJ breakfast

The Los Angeles Times

Violence stirs gang fears in L.A. area formerly plagued by one

All L.A. Unified students must pass college-prep courses

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