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July 06, 2020

Activist lawyer Randall Robinson, founder of Africa lobby group TransAfrica, was born in 1941 in Richmond, Virginia.

Today in Black America - June 29

POSTED: June 29, 2012, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Roberts Shows Deft Hand as Swing Vote on Health Care

G.O.P. Vows to Take Battle Into November

Obama’s Play for History Survives

Justices Allow the Term ‘Tax’ to Embrace ‘Penalty’

The Caucus: Ruling Likely to Prompt Re-evaluation of Roberts

How the Justices Ruled on the Health Care Law

The Christian Science Monitor

Obama health-care law: Supreme Court upholds it in entirety

The Vote: Outside Supreme Court, health-care ruling ignites cauldron of emotion

A taxing decision on health care mandate by the Supreme Court

How John Roberts upheld health-care law while limiting congressional power (+video)

The Washington Post

Supreme Court upholds Obama’s health-care law

Key passages in the Supreme Court ruling

Reactions to the Supreme Court ruling

Health-care ruling vindicates Verrilli

FAQ on Affordable Care Act: What happens now?

How the Supreme Court justices ruled

Ruling motivates Romney supporters

Roberts’s health-care decision stuns many but is in line with his outlook

CNN, Fox trip in race to be first

USA Today

Victory for Obama now, but what about election?

How the health care law survived

Chief Justice Roberts' role takes ironic turn

What's next in health care? Implementation of law goes ahead

Insurers like that health law ruling sets their path

The Detroit Free Press

How health ruling will change care in Michigan

Some metro Detroiters look to health reform to get care they need

DMC's plan aims to increase Medicaid patients' access to care

Michiganders discuss the ruling on the Affordable Health Care Act

Medicaid expansion: Up to 500,000 more people will be covered in Michigan

The Star Ledger

N.J. residents surprised, joyed as Supreme Court upholds Obama's health care law

Penalty vs. tax: Health care law ruling depended on definition

Braun: Supreme Court's health care ruling breaks away from politics

Gov. Christie says he disagrees with health care law but will meet deadline

The Chicago Tribune

Illinois faces questions in implementing health overhaul

Supreme Court decision on health care overhaul: 5 people's stories

Emanuel cheers Supreme Court decision

The Los Angeles Times

Healthcare ruling boosts Obama, but the fight isn't over

The Boston Globe

Health care ruling sends wave of relief through Mass.

Kennedy remembered for his role in health care reform

A defining moment for Chief Justice Roberts

Through Mitt Romney’s prism, health care ruling is political victory for Barack Obama

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

What does health care ruling mean?

Georgia pins hopes on healthcare act's repeal

Winners and losers in high court health law ruling

US health care reform efforts through history

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