today in black history

May 18, 2021

In 1896, U.S. Supreme Court upholds Plessy v. Ferguson, beginning Jim Crow or de jure segregation and ending Reconstruction.

Today in Black America - July 31

POSTED: July 31, 2012, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Romney Trip Raises Sparks at a 2nd Stop

Editorial: Mr. Romney Stumps in Israel

Democrats Move to Put Gay Marriage in Party Platform

Chief Justice Lets Maryland Continue to Collect DNA

Psychologist Who Wrote of Abuse Is Punished

Paterson Aides Said to Have Sought Race-Based Changes to Security Detail in ’08

Cuomo Said to Dissuade Lawyer Use by Witnesses

The Christian Science Monitor

GOP moderate from Ohio quitting his seat. Is he punishing his party?

An opening for gun control after Colorado shooting and charges on James Holmes

Colorado shooting: If not gun control, then bullet control, lawmakers say

How Bill Clinton's prime-time convention speech could hurt Obama

The Star Ledger

Voters to decide whether judges should pay more for benefits after swift action from Lesgislature

Native Newarker to assume role of Booker's press secretary

Booker calls on Newark council members to approve MUA measure at Wednesday meeting

Trenton Mayor Tony Mack makes first public appearance since FBI raids, says he is cooperating with investigation

Walmart bomb scare in Secaucus is latest in string of threats across U.S.

The Detroit Free Press

With video: 9-year-old sells lemonade to help Detroit out of financial crisis

U.S. Rep. John Conyers picks up endorsement of gun control group

Hepatitis C test urged for people treated at 4 metro Detroit hospitals

Group puts faith in action by helping to restore lives and neighborhoods in Detroit

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

NAACP to feds: Probe G-DOT

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed appoints Duriya Farooqui as city's chief operating officer

Many dislike hotel tax for stadium

Nontraditional boost to help kids achieve

The Washington Post

Romney pleases, but confuses, Israeli crowds

‘Racist’ comments draw fire from Palestinians

His own biggest fan

As ‘fiscal cliff’ looms, debate on layoffs heats up

Teen girls petition for female moderator at debates

Study links Obama to country’s first slave — through his mother

Md. pastor gets 27-month prison sentence

Gandhi sued again by former contracts chief

The Chicago Tribune

Quinn calls for special session, but Senate balks at extra cost

City budget not as steeped in red ink

USA Today

Generation gap defines electionicons

Gas prices rise across U.S. for fourth straight week

Poll: Views on gun laws don't change after Aurora

Hundreds decrying police violence march in Anaheim

The Los Angeles Times

Medicaid could be scaled back sharply under GOP plans

Report slams colleges run for a profit

UC reaching out to depressed students online

L.A. Unified employee who filed harassment claim returns to job

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cavities on the rise again in young children, after 40 years of decreasing

Lawsuit challenging JobsOhio continues with appeal to Ohio Supreme Court

Cleveland schools explore options for money from proposed tax hike

Candlelight vigils for slain 14-year-old girl

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