today in black history

July 12, 2020

In 1787 delegates to the Constitutional Convention agreed to count slaves as "three-fifths" of a person for political representation.

Today in Black America - September 14

POSTED: September 14, 2012, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Poll Shows Obama With Narrow Edge Over Romney

Why These Kids Get a Free Ride to College

Court Approves Schedule for Florida Early Voting

Obama’s Call Pushes Egypt to Heal Rift From Protests

Fed Ties New Aid to Jobs Recovery in Forceful Move

Health Panel Approves Restriction on Sale of Large Sugary Drinks

The Christian Science Monitor

Early voting: Why Justice dropped its challenge of Florida plan

The Fed's new plan: Will buying mortgage bonds create jobs?

What 'rogues and vagabonds' have to do with Pennsylvania voter ID law

Congress takes first step to avert a government shutdown

The Star Ledger

Learning 2.0: N.J. high school tosses textbooks, invests in iPads

Silence cannot be used against DWI suspects, N.J. Supreme Court rules

Poll: Obama leads Romney by 14 percent in N.J.

Occupy protesters to march from Camden to Trenton for NJ prison reform

Racial profiling reports at airports, including Newark, prompt examination

The Detroit Free Press

Member of Winans gospel singing family charged with operating $8M Ponzi scheme

Tax hikes, energy, home health care worker ballot measures draw support, poll shows

Renewable energy measure has solid support, poll finds

Detroit apartments offer once-homeless residents a new start

The Chicago Tribune

12-year-old boy among six shot since noon Thursday

CPS deal up in air as talks extend into early morning

For frustrated parents, strike can't end too soon

The Washington Post

Romney team sharpens attack on foreign policy

Neocons’ dominance on display

Romney owes an apology

Fed bond-buying plan will lower rates on mortgages, loans for years

Bernanke buys time

Ornstein: Obama doesn’t need to be like Clinton

Robinson: Romney reaches a new low

Va. judge overturns robbery conviction of man facing deportation

The Los Angeles Times

Charity, ex-con linked to film on Islam

911 dispatchers slow to start CPR, study says

UC to pay settlement in Davis pepper spray case

USA Today

Obama: 'Absolutely,' I could lose this election

An edge for Obama in a long-tied race

White supremacists to gather in Tenn.

Revolution ahead in prevention, treatment

Racial divisiveness could fade

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Register to vote by Oct. 9 to cast ballot in November presidential election

Redistricting reform: Panel OKs new wording after Supreme Court invalidated old language

Ohio income down, rates of poverty and uninsured unchanged, 2011 census figures show

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Klan sues Georgia over litter program

Accused APS principal denies cheating, awaits ruling

DeKalb superintendent: Changes being made

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