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July 05, 2020

Arthur Ashe, Jr. won the men's singles tennis championship at Wimbledon in 1975, making him the first Black male to take the title.

Today in Black America - September 21

POSTED: September 21, 2012, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Before Debates, Romney Faces a Daunting Path

Cash Low, Romney Striving to Find New Large Donors

Editorial: The Candidates Face Hispanic Voters

Obama Seizes on Romney Comments, Suggesting He Is Out of Touch

Waters Ethics Investigation Will Not Result in Formal Charges

Krugman: Disdain for Workers

Reversing Trend, Life Span Shrinks for Some Whites

Hoping to Replace Mayor, and Taking Him to Court

The Christian Science Monitor

Castro targets minority voters. Could they swing election for Dems?

Why Obama is pulling ahead in the battleground state of Wisconsin

Mitt Romney fact check: Is he actually against redistribution? (+video)

How many will pay health-care tax penalty? CBO estimate rises 50 percent.

Are Romney's '47 percent' comments beginning to move the polls? (+video)

The Star Ledger

N.J. unemployment rate rises to 9.9 percent, highest in 3 decades

Rutgers University boards to make final vote on school merger in November

Port Authority weighs plan to take over Atlantic City airport, extend PATH service

South Jersey woman admits to stealing $400,000 from educational institute

Camden, N.J. is poorest city in United States: Census Bureau reports

Gov. Christie campaigns for U.S. Rep. Steve King, who defended 'legitimate rape' comment

The Detroit Free Press

Venue change nixed; Kilpatrick corruption trial gets under way

In Mich. reform district, students set their own pace for learning

Teachers make house calls to get to know students

Duggan adviser strongly hints at Detroit mayoral run

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Atlanta OKs public funds for studio expansion

Jarreau lectures in hip at Mays High

Panel upholds decision to fire principal

The Washington Post

Obama overhaul of education largely leaves out Congress

On right, voter outreach ups ante

Romney campaign hits a financial snag

GOP may retreat on taxes post-election

4 Pinocchios for a truncated, 14-year- old Obama clip on ‘redistribution’

D.C. poverty rates stay level as incomes rise

Hundreds attend funeral for slain student in Prince George’s

Va. schools face more rigorous math standards

The Chicago Tribune

Strike ends, but Emanuel's campaign continues

Study depicts poor workplace conditions for carwash employees

Labor board may weigh in on Chicago teachers strike

USA Today

Medicare recipients save $4.5B on prescriptions

Goode could hurt Romney in Va.

Obama: Holder 'has my complete confidence'

Unproductive Congress earliest to adjourn since 1960

The Los Angeles Times

Charges of corruption at L.A. mayoral debate

Brown signs bills giving veterans more state benefits

Bell's ex-police chief takes the Fifth in seeking $510,000 pension

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

New food center on Kinsman Road in Cleveland provides cafe and community kitchen

Gov. John Kasich asserts executive privilege in records fight with Democrats

Ohio consumer groups concerned about bill that could limit landline phone service

Does GOP campaign literature contain a false statement? Ohio Elections Commission to decide

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