today in black history

September 20, 2020

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is stabbed in a Harlem store while promoting his autobiographical book “Stride Toward Freedom” in 1958.

Today in Black America - January 3

POSTED: January 03, 2013, 8:00 am

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The New York Times

A High Murder Rate, a Divide in Chicago

For Obama, Deal Is Victory That Also Holds Risks

Tax Deal Shows a Possible Path Past House G.O.P.

Piecing Together a Tax Plan’s Effects

Blow: Cliff After Cliff

Stalling of Storm Aid Makes Northeast Republicans Furious

Immigration Change to Ease Family Separations

City Housing Projects Call For Environmental Help

The Christian Science Monitor

'Fiscal cliff' deal: What will it mean for you?

One million workers get pay boost as 10 states adjust minimum wage

Under pressure, Boehner is said to promise votes on hurricane Sandy relief (+ video)

The Star-Ledger

Fiery Christie rips into Boehner for 'callous indifference' over delaying Sandy aid vote

Christie's glorious fury over failed Sandy aid vote: Editorial

Gov. Christie gives vote of confidence to NJ Transit director

NRA's 'outlandish' views are so far holstering efforts to do something meaningful about guns: Morgan

The Detroit Free Press

Audit shows Detroit has $327M deficit

Detroit mayor to discuss city's 2012 crime numbers

Judge orders group to tell how it calculates no-fault insurance fees

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Funeral set for Rep. Lewis' wife Lillian

Gwinnett libraries face $1M materials cut

Governor plans 'close look' at Clayton sheriff

Clayton commission votes to fire county manager

The Washington Post

With ‘fiscal cliff,’ a taste of future debates on Hill

Bill renews special tax breaks for Hollywood, wind power

The Post’s View: Washington’s gifts to lobbyists

When are the next battles in Congress?

Md. Task force: Police should be able to take guns from those who threaten

The Chicago Tribune

Committee sends weapons bill to Illinois Senate

Cops investigating whether hip-hop feud linked to slaying

Judge rejects appeal to jail Chief Keef over address flap

The Los Angeles Times

New rule makes residency easier for some immigrants

Brown plans extensive changes for school funding in 2013

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Longtime Cleveland City Councilman Ken Johnson retires, might seek re-appointment

USA Today

ADP estimates 215,000 jobs created in Dec.

Editorial: Gun control database going to waste

NAACP: Historic moments hold important lessons

Column: What about massacres in inner cities?

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