today in black history

September 20, 2020

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is stabbed in a Harlem store while promoting his autobiographical book “Stride Toward Freedom” in 1958.

Today in Black America - October 14

POSTED: October 14, 2013, 7:30 am

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Today in Black History: St. Augustine’s College was founded in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1867, one of the nation’s historically Black colleges and universities.

The New York Times

Editorial: False Equality in Michigan

G.O.P.’s Hopes to Take Senate Are Dimming

Spending Dispute Leaves a Senate Deal Elusive

Pulling Aid Away, Shutdown Deepens Indians’ Distress

It’s Not Just Political Districts. Our News Is Gerrymandered, Too.

Bankruptcy for Ailing Detroit, but Prosperity for Its Teams

Police Groups Are Critical of Quickly Filed Charges Against Charlotte Officer

Content With Their City, but Warming to Candidate Who Is Pledging Change

The Christian Science Monitor

With shutdown and default clocks ticking, lawmakers hit an impasse

Can 'World's Greatest Deliberative Body' fix broken Washington?

Does Sen. Susan Collins have the best idea for ending the Washington mess?

Government shutdown: Most Americans blame Republicans. But will it matter in 2014? (+video)

The Star Ledger

Mercer County professor seeks to recognize Booker T. Washington's importance to progressive education

Booker raises 8 times more cash than Lonegan in U.S. Senate race

Lonegan gains ground on Booker as U.S. Senate race enters final stretch

Effects of government shutdown start to reach Mercer County, could prove to be catastrophic

The Detroit Free Press

Is Detroit eligible for bankruptcy? Here are the 5 questions judge will consider before deciding

Pollsters need to update their phone plans — from landlines to cell phones

Dan Gilbert knocks '60 Minutes' piece on Detroit as 'ruin porn' news

The art of the DIA deal: Orr must get cash out of collection without selling it

At a glance: Michigan's affirmative action case

As justices ponder Michigan's affirmative action ban, observers will eye Kennedy

146,000 Michiganders — at least — face loss of cheap policies under new health care reform rules

Lower Merion schools plan recalls discrimination fight

City Council schools plan: Good for kids - and for pols?

Murder case reversals bring call for review

Rutgers-Camden partners with KIPP Charter Schools

Poor, addicted, inundated with ads: Philly's smoking epidemic

Restoring the legacy of the country's first black pilot

The Chicago Tribune

Wrongful convictions: Exonerated inmate wins early round in suit against Lake County officials

State law requires catastrophic injury insurance for high school athletes

West Side ministers press city for improvements in Austin

Quinn grants 65 clemency requests

3 slain in South Shore shooting

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cleveland pastor suspected of soliciting sex while being HIV-positive absent from Sunday morning Mass

Uncertainty remains about how Controlling Board will vote on Medicaid expansion

Ohio gains federal approval to expand its Medicaid program to cover state's working poor

Is Obamacare really to blame for cuts at the Cleveland Clinic and other hospitals?

Editorial: Redskins' name and Indians' logo are nothing to wahoo about

The Los Angeles Times

Immigration laws show shift in Gov. Brown's priorities

Brown signs bill on youth defendants, vetoes probe of gas prices

Students in foster care face 'invisible achievement gap,' study says

For Brown, third term seems the charm

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

APS veteran faces political novice

Atlanta schools reassigns teachers to address enrollment changes

'Everyone deserves a second chance'

Mystery surrounds Valdosta student’s death

USA Today

Court to decide if race preference bans hurt diversity

Colo. governor suggests gun-control groups stay away

Death tallies belie true impact of kids' gun injuries

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