today in black history

July 02, 2020

NAACP attorney and Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall, the first Black to serve on the Supreme Court, is born in 1908 in Baltimore.

Today in Black America - January 31

POSTED: January 31, 2014, 8:30 am

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Today in Black History: Congress abolishes slavery with the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. The vote in the House is 121 to 24.

The New York Times

Republicans’ Immigration Blueprint Leaves Party at Odds and Democrats Hopeful

Obama Once Disdained Clinton’s Small Steps and Now Takes His Own

Prosecutors Lay Out List of Ex-Mayor’s Schemes

Henry Waxman, Key Democrat and Force for Health Care Law, Is to Retire

Mayor Says New York City Will Settle Suits on Stop-and-Frisk Tactics

Bratton Tells Chiefs He’ll Stop Sending Rookies to High-Crime Areas

Hoboken Site Developer Dismisses Law Firm

Anti-Republican Group Digs Into Lane Closings

The Christian Science Monitor

California drought: Clock ticking on 17 communities' water supply

More Snowden leaks - and this time Al Qaeda is the surveillance target

South Sudan's partial prisoner release risks undoing peace agreement

The Star Ledger

Chris Christie agrees to pays law firm $650 an hour for GWB investigations

Christie Hoboken scandal: Developer severs ties with law firm connected to governor

NJ Republicans want to use leftover campaign funds for GWB defense

Senate Committee passes bill giving schools boards a say in school closings

Both sides rest cases, prepare for closing arguments in Trenton Mayor Tony Mack's corruption case

Newark mayor's race: Shavar Jeffries outpaces candidates in fundraising

The Detroit Free Press

Detroit bankruptcy blueprint gives edge to retirees over bankers, bondholders

Snyder: Let's cut last year's taxes, give $100M in relief to tens of thousands

Rochelle Riley: Wright museum needs financial footing in Detroit bankruptcy plan

Detroit bankruptcy blueprint gives edge to retirees over bankers, bondholders

Detroit Economic Growth Corp. chief George Jackson resigns after Duggan move

Ex-Kilpatrick fund-raiser Emma Bell sentenced to probation

Philly's Senate Dems propose $300M extra for education

Experts: Best reason for immigration reform is economic

A battle of D.A.'s past and present

The Washington Post

What Waxman’s retirement says about 2014

Missouri likely to pass new voter ID law

The value of increasing the minimum wage

Ga. governor apologizes for snow mess

Maryland will try to rescind pro-slavery amendment

What’s in a name? Trouble, if it’s ‘Common Core.’

The Chicago Tribune

Teachers union vows to fight pension cuts

CPS chief's letter makes some parents testy

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Ohio State University's new president, Dr. Michael Drake, 'honored, excited' with post

Citing Catholic faith, family of victim seeks to keep condemned Cleveland killer from lethal injection

The Los Angeles Times

Roderick Wright will remain in Senate until appeal is decided

Maria Shriver urges Gov. Jerry Brown to speak out on poverty

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Gov. Deal calls for review of government’s response to epic traffic jam

Governor’s staff began raising questions about storm Monday

USA Today

Ex-teacher lives modest life, leaves $8.4 million gift

Civil rights community backs stop-and-frisk reforms

Firefighters refuse to help man dying of a heart attack

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