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July 04, 2020

On this Independence Day renew your commitment to Black liberation and justice.

Today in Black America - February 20

POSTED: February 20, 2014, 7:00 am

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Today in Black History: Military leader Idi Amin overthrows the Obote government and becomes the president and ruler of Uganda on this date in 1971.

The New York Times

Editorial: The Clear Benefits of a Higher Wage

Blow: The Bias Against Black Bodies

Income Gap Is Greater in Big Cities, Study Finds

Federal Lawsuit Accuses For-Profit Schools of Fraud

As Obama Goes It Alone, Justices Weigh Boundary

Aides’ Emails Cast a Shadow on Governor of Wisconsin

Bill in Albany to Allow Lawsuits by Those Who Falsely Confess

Year in Prison for Ex-Guard Who Had Child With Inmate

The Christian Science Monitor

FBI reports a drop in crime in 2013: why the rate continues to fall

Fed policy on interest rates getting murkier, meeting records show

Minimum wage hike would cost 500,000 jobs? CBO director defends the estimate. (+video)

The Star Ledger

Former Christie staffer under subpoena in GWB scandal takes job with Port Authority

Bridge scandal: Fort Lee releases 2,211 pages requested by Christie lawyer

Bridge scandal panel asks judge to compel Christie advisers to produce records

Assemblywoman adds her name to the list of potential congressional candidates

Princeton professor emeritus talks Palestinian nationalism in speech at university

While Trenton Central High School is rebuilt, students may be placed in multiple locations

The Detroit Free Press

New clues shed light on 1973 death of activist, MLK follower in Wounded Knee protest

Wayne County's $1-million precast cells for failed jail project to be demolished

Detroit's new debt deal could get ball rolling on restructuring

State moves to expand options for failing schools beyond EAA

Rev. Horace Sheffield gearing up to challenge Congressman John Conyers

Michigan House committee approves bill to cut income tax by 2016

Philly schools plan would require an extra $320 million annually

Nutter asks biz to help get schools money

Are violent rap lyrics a sign of a violent life?

Katz quits PICA, mulls mayoral run

Paulsboro wrestling shirt in lynching pix

The Washington Post

U-Md. security breach exposes 300,000 records

A anti-Obamacare ad doesn’t add up

The six things we learned today about Scott Walker from newly released e-mails

This 50-state chart shows how the 1% is gobbling up income

The case for big cities, in 1 map

How a Koch-backed group will attack Democrats this year

Brown puts forward plan to boost Md. minority businesses

Teachers union head calls for Core ‘course correction’

The Chicago Tribune

Former Chicago police spokeswoman alleges assault, retaliation

Homewood-Flossmoor girls team disqualified, stripped of wins

Unions rally against Emanuel pension changes at Capitol

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

The myth of the Affordable Care Act eroding the U.S. labor supply: Mildred Rein

Ed FitzGerald announces $50 million building demolition plan

Ohio would choose Hillary Clinton over Gov. John Kasich for president, poll says

Columbine High School principal brings message of hope, encouragement to Chardon residents (video)

State lawmakers set to renew hearings on proposed traffic-camera ban

The Los Angeles Times

LAPD recruits endure tough training, then hit reality on the streets

Proposed law would reform community college accreditation

Restaurant's healthcare surcharge draws strong responses

USA Today

Clandestine websites fuel 'alarming' increase in child porn

Foundation awards $1M grants to several nonprofits

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

King items to be be placed in safe deposit box

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