today in black history

May 18, 2021

In 1896, U.S. Supreme Court upholds Plessy v. Ferguson, beginning Jim Crow or de jure segregation and ending Reconstruction.

Today in Black America - March 5

POSTED: March 05, 2014, 10:00 am

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Today in Black History: Crispus Attucks is killed in the Boston Massacre in 1770, becoming the first casualty of the American Revolution.

The New York Times

Obama’s Budget Is a Populist Wish List and an Election Blueprint

Editorial: The What-Might-Have-Been Budget

Justices Unite on Key Point in Chase Ending in Fatal Police Shooting

Texas G.O.P. Beats Back Challengers From Right

E-Cigarettes, by Other Names, Lure Young and Worry Experts

U.S. Takes Training Role in Africa as Threats Grow and Budgets Shrink

De Blasio and Builder of Charter School Empire Do Battle

Street Stops Still a ‘Basic Tool,’ Bratton Says

The Christian Science Monitor

Obama budget: 4 things to know (+video)

Many soldiers prone to suicide even before they enlist, study says

Paul Ryan to propose welfare overhaul. A gift to Democrats?

The Star Ledger

Chris Christie's approval rating on Sandy recovery drops, poll shows

Trenton mayoral candidate Eric Jackson received nearly $2,000 in donations without identifying donor, reports say

Study: Youngest kindergarten students are held back more often than older peers

Rutgers faculty protest of Condoleezza Rice as graduation speaker 'appalling,' lawmaker says

Chris Christie town hall a target for Sandy, bridge scandal protesters

The Detroit Free Press

Obama's federal budget includes Detroit courthouse repairs, but no bridge aid

Michigan Senate OKs plan to eliminate personal property tax

Flint mayor calls for $70 million 'war on blight'

Wayne County judge may be disciplined over misconduct

Starr hopes to raise $100k for Philly schools

Philly district covers charters' pension payments

The Washington Post

Obama sends $3.9 trillion budget plan to Congress

States maneuver over Medicaid

Remember Mumia Abu-Jamal? He may derail Obama’s pick for top civil rights post.

Treasury budget would focus on IRS, small businesses, underserved areas

National Institutes of Health would get $30.36 billion under 2015 budget proposal

Richard W. Boone, who helped lead War on Poverty, dies

Vincent Gray wins key business endorsement

Education gets budget love

The Chicago Tribune

Students begin taking ISAT with no major disruptions

Rev. Wright's daughter stands trial on state grant scam allegations

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

'This is Cleveland' campaign slogan revealed as part of Positively Cleveland's new branding effort

Regional sewer district's costly tunnel project and green alternatives stir debate during roundtable discussion

Case Western Reserve University Law School dean Lawrence Mitchell, sued by professor, has resigned

New website gives parents a simpler way to search their school choices

Regional sewer district chooses costly tunnels over 'green' infrastructure, though vacant land abounds in Cleveland

The Los Angeles Times

L.A. County orders audit of department over nursing home complaints

Boyle Heights school protests district's decision to move campus

State justices signal support for naming officers in shootings

USA Today

Aspiring teachers learn alongside dedicated mentors

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