today in black history

September 20, 2020

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is stabbed in a Harlem store while promoting his autobiographical book “Stride Toward Freedom” in 1958.

Today in Black America - March 7

POSTED: March 07, 2014, 8:00 am

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Today in Black History: The first attempt by civil rights protesters to march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama was halted by state troopers in 1965.

The New York Times

On Latest Jobs Data, It’s Anybody’s Guess

Pitfalls in Turn to Privately Run Long-Term Care

Issa Hands Democrats Weapon to Use on Him

New Hampshire Senate Votes to Expand Health Insurance Coverage

Official at Helm of Federal Health Marketplace Is Resigning

Then and Now, a Test That Aims to Neutralize Advantages of the Privileged

Need for Full-Day Kindergarten Is Lost in Pre-K Debate, Critics Say

De Blasio and Dolan Announce a Push for More Pre-K Classes

In Meeting of Mayors, de Blasio Holds His Own

New York City Comptroller’s Office Names Chief Diversity Officer

The Christian Science Monitor

Why Obamacare's March 31 enrollment deadline really can't budget

US, siding with Muslim officer, sues school district over beard policy

Georgia cites 'educational sovereignty' in move to abandon Common Core (+video)

The Monitor's View: Each new SAT: a window on ideas of intelligence

The Star Ledger

George Mushcal to serve as Trenton mayor through July and remain council president

Bridget Kelly's attorney takes aim at Bridgegate committee's "rush to judgment"

Lawsuit alleges NJ alternative energy provider pulled 'bait-and-switch' on consumers

William Payne takes out petitions to run for Newark City Council seat

Christie broke no rules in awarding no-bid Sandy contract, audit finds

The Washington Post

Robinson: It’s time we come to terms with slavery

Rep. Paul Ryan, school lunches, and the story of a brown paper bag

Issa apologizes to Cummings for cutting off microphone at hearing

Cummings: House panel reflects ‘negativity’ toward feds

Democrats on offensive against Issa

Bond between Christie, Obama unravels

Texas isn’t just leading the nation in job growth—it’s doing it more equitably, too

BWI terminates fire chief after complaints about diversity of recruits

Thompson said to be in plea talks over ‘shadow’ campaign

The Chicago Tribune

U. of C. declines to push specific site for Obama library

Emanuel front and center at U. of C. forum, CNN series

10 Democrats vie for Cook water board

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cleveland police set new rules for initiating vehicle pursuits

Black clergy protest elimination of 'Souls to the Polls' and evening early voting in 2014 (VIDEO)

Rep. Marcia Fudge wants Rep. Darrell Issa's chairmanship revoked for silencing Democrats (video)

Recidivism rate in Ohio prison system continues to drop: state report

Cleveland picks its second round of struggling schools to target for improvement

The Los Angeles Times

Job agencies steer migrants toward their dreams, or less

Computers with L.A. County patients' personal data are stolen

Lawmaker proposes making California secretary of State post nonpartisan

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Georgia’s revenues increase by 5 percent in February

Atlanta principal resigns after allegations of affair with teacher and drugs on campus

Bernice King to comply with court order to give up Nobel Prize and Bible until final ruling on sale

USA Today

FBI urged charges in probe of 'Sheriff Joe,' others

Noose at N.J. work site leaves men fearful

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