today in black history

July 12, 2020

In 1787 delegates to the Constitutional Convention agreed to count slaves as "three-fifths" of a person for political representation.

Today in Black America - March 28

POSTED: March 28, 2014, 8:00 am

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Today in Black History: Poet Countee Cullen wins Phi Beta Kappa honors at New York University on this date in 1925.

The New York Times

College Athletes Aim to Put Price on ‘Priceless’

Motive Still Unclear in Christie-Backed Lane Closing Report

About New York: Report’s Silence Is Deafening

Editorial: A Whitewash for Gov. Christie

Deadline Near, Health Signups Show Disparity

Using Flags to Focus on Veteran Suicides

New York City’s Jobless Rate Rises for First Time in Nearly 2 Years

The Christian Science Monitor

Closing arguments in major California education reform case

Poll finds broad, rapid shift among Americans toward gay marriage

The Star Ledger

Newark boarding home shut down after state senator, mayor make surprise visit

Former Elizabeth school board president convicted of theft in free lunch scam

Christie to hold first news conference in 76 days today

Chris Christie seen in positive light in internal bridge scandal review

Christie report unlikely to alter prosecutor's probe in bridge scandal

Stepien's attorney says new Christie bridge scandal report bolsters client's claims

The Detroit Free Press

62,000 Michigan seniors might be eligible for $4,000 in drug savings

Detroit to reveal new bankruptcy restructuring plan Monday

Detroit region population grows, census shows

Bills clarifying personal property tax rules headed to governor for signature

Philly schools facing $320m deficit

City Council OKs ban on e-cigarettes

Fact-checking Corbett, PA GOP on Obamacare

The Washington Post

Rand Paul is organizing like it’s almost 2016

How bad is federal employee morale?

Senator answers call for action on veteran suicides

Police: Secret Service agent caused March 7 crash

Michelle Obama’s visit to China gets 1 billion Web hits

Report: Black women are political powerhouse, socially vulnerable

D.C. police: Missing 8-year-old girl may be dead

In race’s final week, Gray focuses on home base

Md. approves legislation to protect transgender rights

The Chicago Tribune

Probationer fell through cracks before fatal crash

Proposal would ease CHA ban on ex-offenders

House measure would fund Safe Passage buses

Passengers tell story of CTA train derailment

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cleveland Foundation announces $16.4 million in grants

New bill would allow murder charges against drug dealers in overdose deaths

Cleveland to plant 1,000 trees in five neighborhoods, start of long-term reforestation initiative

Cuyahoga County mayors group votes to back 'sin tax' extension

The Los Angeles Times

Public is gradually warming to Obamacare as sign-ups grow, polls show

Students' interests at center of trial over teacher protection laws

USA Today

Community provides funeral for mom in insurance limbo

Search for D.C. girl now called a 'recovery' effort

The Charlotte Observer

Carlee: City is not 'pay to play'

Charlotte City Council must appoint new mayor after Patrick Cannon’s resignation

Why Patrick Cannon sting took so long

Will Cannon’s wife face legal trouble?

Opinion: Ethical, legal lines not that hard to see

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