today in black history

July 12, 2020

In 1787 delegates to the Constitutional Convention agreed to count slaves as "three-fifths" of a person for political representation.

Today in Black America - April 1

POSTED: April 01, 2014, 9:00 am

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Today in Black History: Poet, musician, lyricist and social activist Gil Scott Heron was born on this date in 1949.

The New York Times

Health Website Failures Impede Signups by Deadline

U.S. Students Fall Behind in Problem-Solving Skills

Detroit’s Revised Debt Plan May Cut Pensions Deeper

Democrats Scramble to Stave Off Midterm Disaster

Editorial: Leading the Country on Pre-K

An 8th Grader, a Gun and a Bus Rider in the Way

Push to Rid City of Classrooms That Are Anything but Temporary

The Star Ledger

Judge sets hearing to resolve certification mistake made with Trenton candidates' petitions

Steinert High student not suspended for Confederate flag, Hamilton superintendent says

Newark mayor's race: Candidates ask U.S. Attorney to monitor election

With key NJ property law expiring, lawmaker says more than 40 towns took action

Former Essex County Prosecutor Clifford Minor disbarred by NJ Supreme Court

The Christian Science Monitor

Obamacare deadline 101: Do sign-ups above 6 million signal success? (+video)

Jeb Bush: Is GOP elite drafting him for 2016? (+video)

Albuquerque protest over police shootings turns to 'mayhem' (+video)

California Democrats intent on damage control after Leland Yee arrest (+video)

The Detroit Free Press

Michigan's black children lag in U.S. in overall well-being, report says

Detroit proposes lower pension, creditor payouts in new bankruptcy plan

New bankruptcy plan offers greater detail in spending $1.5 billion

Michigan's expanded Medicaid for 470,000 recipients kicks off today

Federal judge allows part of right-to-work lawsuit against State of Michigan to proceed

Answers sought from NAACP's Mondesire

Christie's bridge scandal lawyers to be subpoenaed

Some words to ponder from Christie's report

New twists in controversial tax break for Camden project

Character-building is part of the curriculum at S.J. school

The Washington Post

Glenn Beck faces defamation suit for Boston bombing accusations stumbles twice on deadline day

2014: The year committee chairmen left town

Postal workers used government credit cards to gamble and bowl, report says

Meet the new group of twentysomethings trying to elect young people in 2014

Suspected abductor appears to be dead

Joy and anguish as D.C. releases school lottery results

On Election Day, D.C. mayor’s race is up for grabs

Prince George’s plans growth around Metro stations

The Chicago Tribune

Emanuel pension fix: Hike taxes, cut benefits

Cook County health system inks $1.8 billion contract

State income tax a study in expediency

House measure would fund Safe Passage buses

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

John E. Barnes Jr., Jill Miller Zimon face off in statehouse race for 12th district

Cleveland Race, Food & Justice Conference this weekend in University Circle

Teachers shouldn't teach after two years of bad ratings, says Ohio's House Education Committee

Ignoring doctor's orders: Not filling new prescription is common patient habit, study shows

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Hall, battling cancer, seeks to delay trial

Tension continues in Ellis hearings

Mayor Reed to wed; expecting child

The Los Angeles Times

Superintendent's $675,000 pay is called 'excessive'

School district wages

California gives Obamacare applicants more time after delays

USA Today

Black female troops say grooming rule 'racially biased'

As popularity rises, so does risk of being bullied

Atlanta archbishop apologizes over $2.2M mansion

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