today in black history

July 12, 2020

In 1787 delegates to the Constitutional Convention agreed to count slaves as "three-fifths" of a person for political representation.

Today in Black America - April 2

POSTED: April 02, 2014, 6:00 am

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Today in Black History: "What's Goin' On!" - Legendary Motown soul music singer and songwriter Marvin Gaye was born in 1939 in Washington, D.C.

The New York Times

D.C. Mayor Is Defeated in Upset at Primary

Unusual Events Force Exceptional Turnover in Charlotte Mayor’s Office

Obama Claims Victory in Push for Health Insurance

G.M. Hires Lawyer Specializing in Disaster Payouts

Mentally Ill Suspects Test Police Tactics

Ryan’s Budget Would Cut $5 Trillion in Spending Over a Decade

At a Momentary Peace With Albany, de Blasio Sees an Opportunity to Reboot

Half of New York’s Tech Workers Lack College Degrees, Report Says

Missing From Christie’s Proof-of-Innocence Claim: The Proof

The Christian Science Monitor

Why Congress could be crucial in quest to hold GM liable

Obamacare deadline 101: How can I get more time with an extension?

College admissions: Kwasi Enin aces the Ivys, all of them. Now what?

California quake: why L.A. faces something worse than the 'Big One'

Ryan budget's clear message: We're not Democrats (+video)

The Star Ledger

WATCH: Stewart ribs Christie over Bridgegate and Adelson apology

Bridge scandal panel's legal costs near $250,000, records show

Newark mayor's race: Warrant issued for suspect in Ras Baraka bus burning

Two Trenton council members call on city clerk to resign, call him incompetent

Newark Police Department welcome 51 recruits to first academy class since 2010 layoffs

The Detroit Free Press

Detroit pension fight heats up after deeper cuts, fund management shake-up plan

CVS guard met by hail of gunfire after woman begged him, 'Please save my son,' court told

New report details racial gap among U.S. children

Enrollment for expanded Medicaid kicks off in Michigan

Charter operators slated to take over 2 district schools

Dems bash Corbett for new taxes and fees supported by Dems

Philly prisons: What about the good guys?

The Washington Post

Councilwoman declares victory in mayoral race

Bowser a woman apart, until now. And it’s taking some getting used to.

Gray fails to answer voters’ doubts about his honesty

With over 7 million sign-ups, Obama says health-care law ‘is here to stay’

Capehart: Obama’s much-deserved victory lap

Students look for scholarships in some unusual places

The Chicago Tribune

2 children, woman shot on South Side

Northwestern to start NLRB appeal by April 9

Emanuel's pension fix: Shrink benefits, raise taxes

Transit superagency faces hurdles

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Ed FitzGerald's 'voting rights' legislation clears Cuyahoga council committee; Republicans dissent

National, state scorecard on children's progress shows minority children lagging behind

Stopping predatory student loans requires a law to force better disclosure, Sen. Sherrod Brown says

Christie's Self-Exoneration closes credibility bridge: Editorial cartoon

Teacher firings aren't part of proposed law, but could be, chairman of House Education Committee says

The Los Angeles Times

Drought may hurt job growth for years, economists say

L.A. County sheriff's deputies union embroiled in power struggle

PG&E indicted on a dozen felonies in explosion that killed 8

Charles Keating Jr. dies at 90; key figure in S&L collapse

Solutions sought to reduce food waste at schools

Healthcare advocates push for medical services for uninsured

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Judge sets hearing for Beverly Hall

Dancers sue metro Atlanta strip clubs over wages

Hearings over in Ellis case

Wanted: someone to lead Georgia’s third largest school district

USA Today

Miss. lawmakers pass religious-practices bill

Vanderbilt's Derek Mason mural face gets do-over

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