today in black history

July 06, 2020

Activist lawyer Randall Robinson, founder of Africa lobby group TransAfrica, was born in 1941 in Richmond, Virginia.

Today in Black America - August 21

POSTED: August 21, 2014, 7:00 am

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Today in Black History: Nat Turner leads 70 slaves in a rebellion in Southampton, Virginia that resulted in his execution and that of 20 slaves.

The New York Times

Lawyers Spar in Florida Over Newest Voting Map

Georgia Is the Reason the G.O.P. Is Edging Up in the Overall Senate Race

Loss for Democrats in Midterm Elections Could Be Boon for Clinton

Taking Account of Republican Presidential Contenders

Fed Dissenters Increasingly Vocal About Inflation Fears

De Blasio, Seeking Calm in Chokehold Case, Turns to Clergy

Teachout Can Stay on Ballot Against Cuomo, Appeals Court Says

The Christian Science Monitor

Mitch McConnell promising more showdowns and shutdowns if GOP wins the Senate

No tea party break for Democrats in Alaska (+video)

West Virginia Senate test: Which candidate can cozy up closest to coal?

Repeat after me: Zakaria, plagiarism and magnanimity

The Star Ledger

Accused serial killer: Livingston teen's murder was vengeance against U.S.

Atlantic City workers turn to prayer as casino closings, massive layoffs near

Christie rings out support for U.S. Senate candidate Bell, but muffles criticism of Booker

Ferguson shooting protest planned for Saturday in Princeton

New N.J. law requires high school students to learn CPR before graduating

Baraka: Police tactics in Ferguson an example of 'what not to do'

Building collapse lawyers want separate trials, Nutter as witness

Officials want mandatory terms for illegal gun possession

Source: Philly cop's guns spark probe

The Washington Post

U.S. launched secret raid to rescue Foley

Campaign 2014: Ed Gillespie ‘We Can Do Better’

Map: How much $100 is really worth in hundreds of metropolitan areas

Common Core will stand in Louisiana for now, judge says

Job Corps turns 50 today. Here are four people the program helped.

Frank E. Schwelb, civil rights lawyer, D.C. judge, dies at 82

The Detroit Free Press

Detroit Public Schools emergency loan and deficit reduction plan approved

Monica Conyers released from probation early

Dem convention: a rally for November

State GOP convention features fight over Snyder's running mate

Meet the Michigan convention candidates

Detroit's Renaissance High School may lose music program

The Chicago Tribune

Prosecutors push to link Jason Austin to fatal shooting of cop

Biden to raise money for Quinn, Democrats in Chicago

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Fair hiring practices will benefit employers as well as good job candidates: Stephen JohnsonGrove, Ohio Justice & Policy Center

Employers should have a right to know about criminal past of potential employees: Sean Chichelli, Ohio Chamber of Commerce

Akron mom sentenced to 14 months in attack on elementary school principal, teacher, cafeteria worker

Cleveland school board votes to back Common Core and oppose HB597

The Los Angeles Times

CHP officer filmed hitting woman could face 'serious charges'

LAUSD teachers decry new student tracking system

School superintendent with unusually high compensation fired

State audits find prison, hospital payroll abuses

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

‘Jobs Bus’ making stops across DeKalb

DeKalb CEO extends community meetings

USA Today

Bank of America agrees to nearly $17B settlement

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