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July 11, 2020

The first meeting of the "Niagara Movement" that spawned the birth of the N.A.A.C.P. is held in Canada on this date in 1905.

Today in Black America - November 14

POSTED: November 14, 2014, 1:00 pm

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Today in Black History: Booker T. Washington, founder of Tuskegee Institute, dies at age 59 in Tuskegee in 1915.

The New York Times

Room for Debate: The Parole Paradox

Health Care Act’s Next Hurdle: Getting Users to Re-enroll

Editorial: Race, Politics and Drawing Maps

Spurred by Midterm Losses, Liberal and Moderate Democrats Square Off Over Strategy

Evaluating the Success of Democratic Get-Out-the-Vote Efforts

Warren Opposes a Treasury Nominee With Wall Street Ties

Frustrated Democratic Senators Vent, but Re-Elect Reid to Be Their Leader

$9 Million to Settle Case for 2 Wrongly Convicted

The Star Ledger

Stop! Red light cameras must be shut down next month, N.J. tells towns

Former Columbia HS student arrested in connection with brass knuckles lockdown, report says

Don't Do AC? Atlantic City Alliance board votes to disband, report states

Wake for Rutgers professor Clement Price to be held today

The Washington Post

GOP split over how to respond on immigration

Protesters follow Newark schools chief to D.C. to crash her speech

No, I’m not a prostitute. Just a black woman with a white husband.

Bill Cosby raped me. Why did no one believe me?

Which states have the most high-speed Internet access

Midterm voters were more liberal on ballot measures than on candidates

Will Loretta Lynch end ‘Too Big To Jail’?

Montgomery leader cites both school successes and gaps

The Christian Science Monitor

Could Obama be impeached over immigration order?

Civil rights pioneer: 'You almost feel like you're back in the '60s.'

FBI letter to Martin Luther King, Jr. riddled with abuse, urges suicide

Purdue president Mitch Daniels: More college students should have internships

The Detroit Free Press

Mich. college students' average loan debt up to $29,583

Detroit City Council sets process to fill vacancy

New EAA chancellor gets $325K salary, plus perks

The Los Angeles Times

One of LAPD's most-wanted, sought in four killings, is captured

Back Story: What happened in Michael Brown shooting?

Ezell Ford shooting: Mayor orders autopsy report to be released soon

Report on Pasadena police shooting ordered released; union can appeal

The Chicago Tribune

Former Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne dies at 81. 'She lived a very amazing life'

Cook County board to vote on budget

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cleveland woman with mental illness died after police used takedown move, brother says

Health insurance signup help to be available at 13 locations Saturday for start of open enrollment

Audit of Lincoln U. moved up due to comments by school president

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