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July 08, 2020

In 2003 President George W. Bush condemned slavery as one of the greatest crimes in history during a visit to Goree Island in Senegal.

Today in Black America - May 20

POSTED: May 20, 2015, 8:30 am

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Today in Black History: A white mob attacked a bus of Freedom Riders in Montgomery, Alabama in 1961; an event that sparked the movement that year

The New York Times

House Approves Short-Term Financing for Highways

Connecticut’s Governor, Dannel Malloy, Calls on Congress to Lift Needle-Exchange Ban

Hillary Clinton Answers Questions on Iraq, Emails, the Foundation and Wealth

Rise in Nonreligious Americans Could Affect Elections

Obama Recasts Climate Change as a More Far-Reaching Peril

Jim Kenney Wins Philadelphia’s Democratic Primary for Mayor

When It Comes to Wage Abuses, It’s Not Just the Nail Salons

Public Housing Residents Wary of Mayor de Blasio’s Plan

2 Rikers Inmates Accuse Guard of Repeated Rapes

Lane-Closing Trial Moved to November

The Christian Science Monitor

Cancer charities defrauded donors of $187 million, feds say (+video)

More controversy over cops in minority neighborhoods – but in France (+video)

Obama and military-style policing: Back to era of Officer Friendly?

Military sexual assault: Can retaliation against victims be stopped? (+video)

The Washington Post

Recall of 34 million vehicles is largest in U.S. history

A 2016 theme emerges: Money, money, money

12 million have enrolled on an Obamacare exchange, which is bad for the repeal effort

Want to be called ‘Your Honor?’ You may have to wait for that

White bikers, black thugs: Why Texas looked to relax gun laws after biker shootout

Hillary Clinton wants to allow felons to vote. That could mean a lot in a state like Florida.

Arlington police officer responding to domestic dispute fatally shoots man

D.C. weighing appeal of court ruling that loosens gun control law

Black women’s lives matter, too, say the women behind the iconic hashtag

Two children at District’s largest homeless shelter test positive for elevated lead

The Los Angeles Times

Minimum wage: L.A. City Council approves increase to $15 by 2020

Editorial: Demilitarizing America's police

Privacy often trumps transparency with police shooting videos

More LAPD cops to ditch cars and walk the beat in Eastside areas

L.A. City Hall outsider Ryu wins City Council race

Two challengers, one incumbent, finish first in L.A. Board of Education races

Vanessa Place's 'Gone With the Wind' tweets: Artistic expression or racism?

Kenney romps in mayor's race

Possible record low turnout of 240K in primary

Two incumbents losing seats on City Council

Kenney stayed confident as Williams floundered

Voters support end to School Reform Commission

Arrest in stabbing death of transgender woman

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Ricky Jackson files civil rights lawsuit for his wrongful imprisonment

Prosecutors may feel pressure to make decisions more quickly in police use-of-force cases

Case of mistaken identity leads to 'brutal' beating in Elyria, police say (photos)

Gun 8-year-old Cleveland boy shot himself with belonged to concealed-carry permit holder

Ex-lawmaker Eric Kearney hired by marijuana legalization group ResponsibleOhio

The Detroit Free Press

Amid Wings arena debate, turmoil over Duggan appointments

Detroit student back to school with teacher's kidney

Few Detroit contracts are no-bid, review board is told

The Star Ledger

Pennsauken receives proposal from Camden County regarding regional police department

Court rejects appeal in Newark schoolyard killings

N.J. approves Verizon deregulation deal; opponents fear effect on landline customers

N.J. is one of the most expensive places to rent in the country, new study says

USA Today

Many local police already got banned military gear

Lawyers, guns and money: Waco chaos moves to courtroom

Obama: Climate change is a national security threat

The Chicago Tribune

Getting AP college credit in high school might get easier

Judge drops Rauner 'fair share' suit, lets non-union workers' case proceed

Illinois House Democrats craft their own budget plan

Emanuel loyalists prosper in new City Council power structure

Emanuel delays $383 million in borrowing after credit downgrade

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