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July 09, 2020

E. Frederic Morrow becomes the first Black to serve in the Executive Office of the President in 1955, appointed by President Eisenhower.

Today in Black America - September 10

POSTED: September 10, 2015, 7:30 am

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Today in Black History: In 1971, 1,300 prisoners took over Attica Prison in Western New York, leaving 43 people, including 10 hostages, dead in the aftermath.

The New York Times


Justice Dept. to Put Focus on White-Collar Criminals

Migration Bringing Out Europe’s Best and Worst

Justice Department Sets Sights on Wall Street Executives

Seattle Teachers Go on First Systemwide Strike in 30 Years After Talks Collapse

No Charges for Washington State Officers in Hispanic Man’s Death

Big-Name Plan B’s for Democrats Concerned About Hillary Clinton

Two D.N.C. Officials Call for Adding More Debates


Family Sues Over New York Prison Death as Ex-Inmate Speaks Out on ‘Beat Up Squad’

James Blake, Retired Tennis Pro, Says Police Pushed Him Down; Inquiry Is Opened

Thabo Sefolosha, Atlanta Hawks Player, Spurns Lenient Plea Bargain

Cuomo Set to Back $15 Minimum Wage Across New York State

New York City Health Board Backs Warning on Menu Items With High Salt

The Christian Science Monitor

Obama's vision for 'free' community college: Tennessee shows how it could work

Freddie Gray settlement is big, but will it send right message?

The many motivations behind Obama's paid sick leave plan

Once influential, slave descendants in Sierra Leone face a less certain future

Is supporting Kim Davis the path to evangelical votes?

The Star Ledger

NYC top cop blasts Christie, tells gov 'stay within your own neighborhood'

Light turnout for protest supporting ex-Jersey City rec director

N.J. Class of 2019 won't have to pass PARCC to graduate

Trenton wins national award for brownfield redevelopment, holds record

Dem lawmaker to Christie: End 'doomed' 2016 campaign

Rep. Fattah asks public to help pay legal fees

GOP candidate Bailey: Investigate D.A.'s office over 'porngate'

Fight to end solitary confinement gains momentum

City probes texting ambulance driver

Saddlertown holds tight to its African American history

Chester Upland gets $5M to pay teachers

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

City of Cleveland, Justice Department ask for deadline extension to choose monitor

Kent State University to seek National Historic Landmark status for May 4 site

Cincinnati police chief fired due to rising crime rates, decreasing morale

Dan Horrigan beats out Mike Williams for Democratic mayoral nomination in Akron

Huckabee picks Kim Davis as his running mate: Darcy cartoon

The Detroit Free Press

City blight fight targets Southwest Detroit Hospital

Calley: Michigan's special education system needs fixes

Displaced families get homes to help settle 1968 case

Proposed mosque in Sterling Heights stirs opposition

The Los Angeles Times

Governor vetoes drone bill, signs revenge porn measure

Carson mayor on not filing disclosure reports: 'I haven't gotten to it'

Lawsuit says new L.A. streets plan creates more air pollution, not less

Why the big Latino voting bloc is nowhere near as large as it could be

New California tests present sobering picture of student achievement

Hearing set for Sean 'Diddy' Combs over UCLA arrest

The Chicago Tribune

4 men hurt in separate shootings

Chicago police enlist sketch artist to help identify dismembered child

Jesse Jackson Jr. gets furlough to attend grandmother's funeral

Lawmakers overturn Rauner veto of heroin abuse bill

The Washington Post

Fossil discovery uncovers new human relative ‘unlike anything in our genus’

Clinton breaks from Obama with tougher foreign policy view

GOP’s populist revolt lands at Capitol, snarls Iran debate

Bush’s tax plan would add trillions to deficit

Sarah Palin on Black Lives Matter protests: Obama ‘still hasn’t called off the dogs’

Obama on free community colleges: 'This isn't rocket science'

What makes a public school public? Washington state court finds charter schools unconstitutional

In Montgomery County, questions and a mixed reaction after finals are cut

D.C. mayor’s plan would limit access to police body-camera footage

Baltimore city officials approve $6.4 million settlement for family of Freddie Gray

Tim Kaine tries again on gun control

USA Today

New Justice Dept. policy aims to get tough on Wall Street fraud

Couple gets $370K in excessive force claim

World's oldest wooden statue twice as old as pyramids

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