today in black history

July 03, 2020

Educator Dr. Ruth Simmons, the first Black president of Brown University, was born on this date in 1945 in Grapeland, Texas.

Today in Black America - September 18

POSTED: September 18, 2015, 9:00 am

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Today in Black History: Booker T. Washington delivers his "Atlanta Compromise" speech at the Atlanta Cotton Exposition in 1895.

The New York Times


Editorial: Crazy Talk at the Republican Debate

What the World Got Wrong About Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Alleged ‘Scheme’ in Criminal Costs for New Orleans’s Poor

Suit Alleges ‘Scheme’ in Criminal Costs Borne by New Orleans’s Poor

Voters See Lack of Fire as Problem for Ben Carson

Man Sentenced to Six Months for Role in Placing Noose on Ole Miss Statue

Carly Fiorina Offers Republicans a Pathway to Reach Women

Dovish Tone of Fed’s Monetary Policy Statement Surprises Economists

White House Campaign Urges Legal Immigrants to Become (Voting) Citizens


2 Rikers Guards Set Up Attack on Inmate, Officials Say

Woman Testifies That Manhattan Prosecutor Choked Her at Bar

William Boyland Jr., Ex-New York Assemblyman, Gets 14-Year Sentence for Corruption

Bridgeport Mayor Vows to ‘Fight Like Heck’ After Losing Primary Election

Cosby accuser's lawyer lashes out at ex-D.A. Castor

SEPTA appoints new general manager

District 'disappointed' with firm hired to manage substitute teachers

Charter debt 'stunningly bad'

Voters surprised they're registered as 'Adarians'

Kane 'oath of secrecy' at issue as feds search office again

The Star Ledger

Father of Leonte Carroo's alleged victim wants Rutgers to protect his daughter

Newark hopes to bolster police ranks with class of 50 recruits

N.J.'s Menendez trial delayed for up to a year

New money for roads would spark N.J. economy & help motorists: biz leaders

To clean up at Rutgers, fire the football coach | Editorial

The Christian Science Monitor

Beyond Black Lives Matter, new generation of activists rises in Tennessee

GOP debate: Carly Fiorina shows pluses, minuses of 'running while female' (+video)

How the House has made the Senate more polarized

Fed holds off on interest rate hike. Why the decision was so tricky. (+video)

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Early childhood education still the best ticket out and up for poor, inner-city Cleveland youth: Brent Larkin

Should there be a "right to be forgotten' in online news? Editorial Board Roundtable

White Hat charter-school case underscores need for tighter charter laws in Ohio: editorial

Ohio law enforcement officials say marijuana convictions aren't a priority

Dispatcher in Tamir Rice case resigned from Cleveland police department

The Los Angeles Times

In South Carolina, a hard line on immigration could cost the GOP later

UC goes back to the drawing board on controversial revamp of free-speech policy

More people are being illegally billed for charges not paid by Medi-Cal

Editorial: A clock, an imaginary bomb and a question of prejudice

The Detroit Free Press

Punch thrown as GOP Mackinac confab begins

Man at Trump rally calls Obama 'Muslim,' 'not even an American'

Ousted DFT president loses bid to keep his job

The Chicago Tribune

Chicago named 7th most expensive city in the world

Disgraced Michigan lawmaker to run in special election to replace herself

1 dead, 10 wounded in shootings since Thursday evening

Chicago police employee is called innocent victim of gang shooting

Prison term ending for Jesse Jackson Jr.

The Washington Post

Obama ramps up attacks as Congress inches toward shutdown

Sanders sees burst of fundraising after opposition research against him surfaces

Fact checking the second round of GOP debates

Black Lives Matter movement finds influencing 2016 contest a challenge

Trump doesn’t correct rally attendee who says Obama is Muslim and ‘not even an American’

Congressional leaders ask members to show restraint when pope visits

A new ranking of colleges that do most for low-income students

School board chair asks on Facebook: Why do Muslims come to America?

Virginia’s GOP male lawmakers are gifted at antagonizing women. And they’re at it again.

USA Today

Video shows clash between officer, teen in Calif.

Man at Trump rally calls Obama 'Muslim,' 'not even an American'

Is #blacklivesmatter protecting police unions? Column

GM simply writes a $900 million check: Our view

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