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July 04, 2020

On this Independence Day renew your commitment to Black liberation and justice.

Today in Black America - January 13

POSTED: January 13, 2016, 6:00 am

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Today in Black History: Dr. Robert C. Weaver is named Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development in 1966, the first Black to hold Cabinet rank.

The New York Times


Obama Offers Hopeful Vision While Noting Nation’s Fears

Editorial: President Obama’s Call to America’s Better Nature

Speech Is One Half of Nation’s Political Split Screen

Edsall: The Republican Party’s 50-State Solution

Iran Says It Has Released U.S. Sailors Accused of ‘Trespassing’

Fervor in Oregon Compound and Fear Outside It

U.S. Methodists Put 5 Banks From Israel on a Blacklist

Board for Ferguson Schools Is Accused of Racial Bias

Supreme Court Strikes Down Part of Florida Death Penalty

Louisiana’s New Governor Signs an Order to Expand Medicaid

3-Year-Old Finds Gun in Dad’s Store, and Old Story Plays Out


Residents in Whitesboro, N.Y., Vote to Keep a Much-Criticized Village Emblem

Video Is Said to Show the Moments Before a Suspected Gang Rape in Brooklyn

As Cuomo Acts on Homeless Problem, New York City Blames State Cuts

Chris Christie, in State of the State Speech, Pledges He Won’t Fade Away

Cuomo Set to Give Speech He Calls Boring After Week of Big Proposals

Standing in the Way of a Community Court in Brooklyn

The Christian Science Monitor

Obama's State of the Union: What have presidents done in eighth year?

Should prisoners get a free college degree? Why opinions are shifting.

Waterless toilet uses nanotechnology to treat waste, banish odors

The Star Ledger

White House: Why is Chris Christie so negative?

N.J. Assembly leaders vow to avoid insults, tackle property taxes

What people are saying about Christie's 'State of the State' speech

Sweeney advances his Atlantic City takeover plan despite mayor's fears

N.J. lawmakers approve Christie small biz retirement idea

Montco D.A.: 'No merit' to Cosby claim

Pa. girl killed when constable shoots dad

Philadelphia schools get new finance chief

Rendell, top staffers, testify for Kane

2 Philly schools to be given to charters

Atlantic City caught off guard by takeover bill

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Tamir Rice protests cost Cleveland less in police overtime than aftermath of Michael Brelo verdict

Michael O'Malley announces campaign kickoff in Cuyahoga County prosecutor race

Rep. Jim Jordan gives State of the Union ticket to Kim Davis

University Hospitals doctor pushes for early mammograms, despite new guidelines

John Kasich savors surge but expects rivals to strike: 'I'm probably going to get pounded now'

The Detroit Free Press

Editorial: Don't make Flint residents pay for tainted water

Duggan: Some school conditions 'break your heart'

Ex-DPS principal to plead guilty in bribery scheme

DPS teachers at rally: Sick-outs a demand to be heard

The Chicago Sun-Times

Emanuel hopes to raise tobacco buying age to 21

Cop on the force for three years shot Quintonio LeGrier, Bettie Jones

10 wounded in shootings Tuesday across Chicago

Unrest builds slowly at Police Board hearing on new top cop selection

The Washington Post

Obama urges the nation not to fear the future

Amid nation’s anger, a message of faith in America’s potential

Editorial: Obama pushes back against bigotry and fear-mongering

Black millennials consider a post-Obama world

Obama didn't mention race or policing in final State of the Union address. Here's what he said last year.

On education, Obama highlights achievements — and presses for more

White nationalist leader records robocall in support of Donald Trump

In Annapolis, another year of lawmaking begins on Wednesday

Defiant Md. Democrats say they will fight for education and other priorities

Virginia’s General Assembly returns to Richmond

Fearing anger from Trump voters, Va. school district may close for the primary

The Los Angeles Times

Union official accuses LAPD chief of 'selling out' with recommendation to charge officer in fatal shooting

Santa Monica votes to raise its minimum wage

L.A. politicians will explore a possible tax or bond measure to help the homeless

LAPD chief asks commission to delay review of fatal shooting of unarmed homeless man

L.A. Unified looked far and wide but found new superintendent Michelle King right at home

USA Today

Iran releases U.S. Navy sailors

Six takeaways from Obama's last State of the Union

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