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September 28, 2020

New York Supreme Court Judge, the late Bruce H. Wright, author of "Black Robes, White Justice," is born in 1918 in Princeton, New Jersey.

Today in Black America - April 18

POSTED: April 18, 2016, 7:00 am

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Today in Black America: Morehouse College was founded on this date in 1867, originally as the Augusta Institute and later as the Atlanta Baptist College

The New York Times


On Crime Bill and Clintons, Blacks Are Split by Generation

Dowd: Hillary Is Not Sorry

TAKING NOTE: Hillary Clinton Falters on the Path to $15

Cruz’s Conservatism: Pendulum Swings Consistently Right

Bernie Sanders’s Campaign Past Reveals Willingness to Play Hardball

Bernie Sanders Courts Black Voters at Church Service in Harlem

Donald Trump Says ‘Rigged’ Convention Should Not Be Met With Violence

Connecticut Chooses to Cut Jobs Over Increased Taxes in Budget Crisis

Immigrants, the Poor and Minorities Gain Sharply Under Health Act

Los Angeles Joins Debate on Force After Police Killing of Homeless Man

EDITORIAL: Geography’s Role in the Life Expectancy of the Poor


New York Elections to Replace Silver and Skelos Offer Intrigue and Incivility

The Battle for New York’s Key Voting Blocs in the Primaries

Bronx Needle Exchange, Once Dismissed, Finds Acceptance

The Christian Science Monitor

Deeper cost of the Panama Papers: angry publics and unbuilt schools

Racially diverse 'new majority' set to reshape US public schools

Black voters emerge as 2016's new 'establishment' vote

Digital activists begin broad, grass-roots battle to fight antiencryption bill

Tennessee ‘Bible bill’: State legislatures reflect rising Christian anxiety

The Star-Ledger

Third N.J. town backs law ending secret money, bribery in politics

In Jersey City, poor blacks subsidize rich whites | Moran

How Newarkers are celebrating city's 350th birthday

Who made big donations to Menendez legal defense fund?

Assemblyman: A.C. families are depending on N.J. leaders to reach a deal

In Philly your zip code sets your life expectancy

Armstrong: White privilege is real

Fattah not talking about the federal money he's spending to tell us about himself

Cosby's wife to answer more questions in defamation lawsuit

Imagine 10,000 new jobs in Camden

The Washington Post

House Democrats keep majority hopes alive with $25 million quarterly haul

Voters angry about big money in politics take their complaints to City Hall

Sanders campaign says Sunday rally drew more than 28,000, his largest audience to date

Sanders makes a stop at a public housing complex in Brooklyn

Clinton denounces divisiveness of Trump, Cruz in New York’s most conservative borough

Sanders aims to raise money off Clinton’s high-dollar fundraisers with George Clooney

‘Unrealistic': Corey Lewandowski refuses to apologize to journalist Michelle Fields

This Baltimore 20-year-old just won a huge international award for taking out a giant trash incinerator

Thousands of California voters mistakenly list affiliation with party, survey finds

Top-performing schools with elite students

How the America’s Most Challenging High Schools list works

That’s the Idea: Some schools serving low-income students believe in a challenge

Hogan says Maryland criminal justice bill does not forget crime victims

The Chicago Tribune

City releases video in arrest of man who died in police custody

Comptroller says Illinois lawmakers will have to get in a long line to get paid

Chicago Teachers Union rejects fact-finding report, starting clock on potential strike

Emanuel touts plan to expand cyber use in city

City IG probes allegations of lieutenant's test cheating involving top cop's fiancee

The Detroit Free Press

Miss Pee Wee stands tall for Detroit's kids

Flood of candidates expected to file Tuesday

Money pouring in to congressional campaigns

Vendor in DPS corruption case lived like a king

Jail workers can be sued over inmate’s death, court says

Riley: Teacher to Legislature: End DPS limbo

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Rob Portman to discuss Ohio's drug epidemic in Akron: What to watch for Monday

Former Ohio State star Beanie Wells named as victim in federal extortion case

Westlake school district outlines disciplinary policy in wake of student's beating

Ohio wants to tweak minority contract rules to give more construction jobs to black, Hispanic, Asian-Pacific Ohioans

The Los Angeles Times

Are you an independent voter? You aren't if you checked this box

Young Democrats find a topic that connects with millennials: Massive debt

The rise and roots of George Wallace's American Independent Party

Trial program takes new approach to teaching English learners

Water district pays $57,500 settlement in employee's lawsuit

This L.A. County panel is facing scrutiny for reinstating a social worker later charged in a boy's death

USA Today

Urban Meyer on Cardale Jones: He ‘wasn’t necessarily very good at school'

Can college athletics continue to spend like this?

Calif. student says airline removed him for speaking Arabic

15 an hour? These retail CEOs make $9,000 an hour

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