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July 04, 2020

On this Independence Day renew your commitment to Black liberation and justice.

Today in Black America - April 21

POSTED: April 21, 2016, 7:30 am

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Today in Black History: The National Urban League was founded on this date in 1911 in New York City upon the merger of three social service organizations.

The New York Times


New Orleans Police Officers Plead Guilty in Shooting of Civilians

Flint Water Crisis Yields First Criminal Charges

New York Attorney General Opens Inquiry Into Primary Day Complaints

The Test for Donald Trump: Win Delegates, Not Just Voters

New York Primary Takeaways: Trump and Clinton Wins Highlight Opponents’ Limits

Bernie Sanders Has Trickier, Narrower Road in Democratic Race

Group Backing Hillary Clinton Begins Reserving $125 Million in Ads for the Fall

Florida Says Firm Didn’t Illegally Try to Influence Attorney General

Library of Congress Nominee Gets Senate Hearing

Senators Consider Funding Plan to Address Zika Threat

Here Are the New Faces on $5, $10 and $20 Bills


If Police Stairwell Shooting Was Accidental, Circumstances Around It Were Not

Sheldon Silver Apologizes as Prosecutors Seek a Sentence of More Than 14 Years

After He Was Beaten, Rikers Inmate Was Sent to ‘the Box’

Who Controls the New York State Senate? It’s Complicated.

A Daily News Editor Is Fired After Plagiarism Accusations

The Christian Science Monitor

Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill: What that says about America

Why a Colorado school district is buying 10 semiautomatic rifles

Why Hillary holds so little allure for many Millennials

Here's why the New York primary did not change 2016 race

The Star-Ledger

High levels of lead found in 6 water fountains in Leonia School District

5 things to know about the PARCC exam crash in N.J.

Bernards offers second chance to submit mosque proposal

Christie: N.J. primary will clinch Trump GOP nomination

Newark cabbies cry 'corruption', rally against city's Uber deal

Protesters demonstrate against police over N.J. man's death (VIDEO)

Five students arrested for gun, bullets and marijuana at U. Darby Catholic school

School District payments to charters cut

Landmark $15M settlement in Census Bureau background-check lawsuit

At Independence Hall, cheers for Harriet Tubman's ascent

Editorial: The SRC's Bill Green has a strong case against Gov. Wolf

The Washington Post

Harriet Tubman is perfect for the $20 bill, but which Tubman?

After New York comes the question: What does Bernie want?

Obama’s push to hire veterans is causing confusion and resentment, officials say

Trump, bullish after New York, homes in on Clinton

Kasich: ‘My Republican Party doesn’t like ideas’

Cruz calls Trump a ‘niche candidate’ and challenges GOP front-runner to a debate

Donna Edwards: 'Streets' | Campaign 2016

Chris Van Hollen is proud of his long résumé — but it may be his weakness

‘I wasn’t part of the club’: Edwards roils colleagues while emphasizing her unique perspective

Supreme Court upholds Arizona redistricting plan

A swastika was drawn on a black student’s dorm door at one of the country’s most prominent Christian colleges

Elizabeth Warren questions SEC’s ability to protect investors

Virginia legislature approves plan to buy execution drugs from secret pharmacies

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Begin the Conversation forum raises issues of race and justice in Lake County (photos)

Sen. Rob Portman's energy measures take years to pass (and they weren't even controversial)

Judge orders Cuyahoga County to produce statements made by Tanisha Anderson's family during investigation

Ohio gets $94.3 million from Washington to deal with blight and foreclosures, a 'disappointing' award

Charter school founder and former Kasich aide Robert Sommers pledges to sell if named state superintendent

The Detroit Free Press

Schuette on Flint water crisis: 'These charges only the beginning'

Flint water crisis defendants could lead to higher-ups

Senate panel approves $148.8 million more for Flint

Indictments don’t absolve Snyder in Flint water crisis

Beyoncé rolls out plans to help Flint, including private Detroit event

The Chicago Tribune

Video shows bystanders didn't help assault victim before he was run over

Emanuel to adopt series of reforms for Chicago police, stops short of overhaul

Outspoken CPS principal known as Emanuel critic ousted from Lakeview school

Teachers union President Karen Lewis calls Gov. Rauner 'the new ISIS recruit'

Father calls out to dead son at hospital: 'Jason! Come out, man'

Child with bullet in her head a more serious issue than Lucas Museum

The Los Angeles Times

The South's new divide pits blue cities against red states

Facing a huge funding gap, the bullet train agency will adopt a new business plan

California's voter registration forms don't make sense -- it's time for the state to change them

Homeless measures take center stage in Mayor Garcetti's 2016 budget proposal

USA Today

Snapchat under fire for Marley filter called blackface

Ben Carson: Put Harriet Tubman on the $2 bill instead

Trump opens Indiana campaign by blasting GOP process

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