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September 28, 2020

New York Supreme Court Judge, the late Bruce H. Wright, author of "Black Robes, White Justice," is born in 1918 in Princeton, New Jersey.

Today in Black America - June 9

POSTED: June 09, 2016, 10:00 am

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Today in Black History: Legendary soul singer Jackie Wilson, whose hits included "Lonely Teardrops," and "Higher and Higher" was born in 1934 in Detroit.

The New York Times


Importance of Clinton’s Victory Is Also a Source of Division

There Are More White Voters Than People Think

Isn’t It Over? Why Sanders Won’t Quit

Editorial: The Senate’s Confirmation Shutdown

Donald Trump’s Advice to Panicked Republicans: Man Up

Congress Will Work on $1.1 Billion Measure to Fight Zika, McConnell Says

On Eve of Graduation, University of Chicago Student President Faces Expulsion

Stakes Rise for Prosecutors Trying Officer in Freddie Gray Case for Murder

Why the Driver in the Freddie Gray Case Faces a Murder Charge

Weighted by Debt, Puerto Ricans Divided Over Federal Oversight

Senate Democrats to Release a Policy Agenda

Choosing a School for My Daughter in a Segregated City


Fraud Charges Against Jail Officers’ Union Chief With a Taste for Luxury

Cooperating Witness in Corruption Case May Assist in de Blasio Inquiries

New York City to Help Blacks and Hispanics Attend Elite High Schools

De Blasio and City Council Agree on $82.1 Billion Budget

Trial of 5 Rikers Guards Brings Out Culture of Violence at Jail

The Christian Science Monitor

It's Hillary's party now, but Bernie's fingerprints are all over it

Does Paul Ryan want Trump to win, or not?

Women in startups face long (but improving) odds

What can be done to address racial gerrymandering?

The Star-Ledger

Pranks, slurs and infighting: A look inside the Kean University police

17 N.J. schools land extra $50K each in federal money

N.J. residents support forcing state to make pension payments, but there's a catch

N.J. Supreme Court to rule in big public worker pension case Thursday

Council gives initial approval to a 1.5-cent beverage tax

Rendell, after testifying at Fattah trial: Federal prosecutors don't get it

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Research shows link between joblessness and youth violence: Pathways to Peace

Cuyahoga County leaders need to stay 'all in' on court reforms: Mark Naymik

Cuyahoga County could owe tens of millions of dollars to long-time employees, after charter government cut salaries, increased work weeks

85 Ohio State veterinary students punished for cheating on tests

The Chicago Tribune

2 dead, 10 wounded in Chicago shootings

Boy, 17, charged in shooting of 6-year-old girl

Study: Slight progress for CPS students' college graduation prospects

CPS says high lead levels found at 11 more schools

Judge orders Chicago Police Department to turn over McCarthy emails

The Los Angeles Times

Sanders is defiant and unpredictable as his revolution reaches a crossroads

For a comeback in her Senate race, Democrat Loretta Sanchez may need the help of Republicans

City attorney wins permanent injunction against archdiocese-owned oil site near USC

Security guards at these nuclear power plants will now be allowed to use assault rifles

The Detroit Free Press

Released from prison, Sanford: 'I just want to ... move on with my life'

Report: DPS has highest rate of chronic absenteeism in U.S.

Separate, unequal: A teacher's perspective in DPS classroom

The Washington Post

Seeking to exit on his own terms, Bernie Sanders comes to Washington Thursday

How Bernie Sanders changed the Democratic Party

Senators stage last-minute budget fight over the defense bill

Puerto Rico fiscal rescue is poised to pass House as July deadline looms

Gary Johnson’s claim that states operate at a deficit because of federal education requirements

Sanders’s rationale for staying in the race may no longer include winning

‘Repugnant’ — or ‘fair’? Debate erupts over judge’s decision in Stanford sexual assault case

Why one researcher worries about welfare reform’s impact on white men

This could be the real reason black doctors make less money than white doctors

Thousands of medical students fight against pricey, required skills exam

USA Today

Google gets 'serious' about beaming wireless broadband into homes

California raises smoking age starting Thursday

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