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July 09, 2020

E. Frederic Morrow becomes the first Black to serve in the Executive Office of the President in 1955, appointed by President Eisenhower.

Today in Black America - June 27

POSTED: June 27, 2016, 8:00 am

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Today in Black History: Poet Paul Laurence Dunbar, one of the first Black writers to crossover to white audiences, was born in 1872 in Dayton, Ohio

The New York Times


Crisis in Britain Intensifies as Chaos Leaves a Void at the Top

Some ‘Brexit’ Campaigners Begin Backpedaling

Banks Worry About Engaging World Markets

‘Brexit’ Revolt Casts a Shadow Over Hillary Clinton’s Cautious Path

Without Deadlocks, 8-Member Supreme Court Leans Left

How Housing’s New Players Spiraled Into Banks’ Old Mistakes

Blow: White Savior, Rape and Romance?

Senate to Take Up House Bill on Zika Funding, Barbs and All

Ballot Is Expected to Offer Stark Choice on Economy

What to Do About Guns? John Lewis Revives Civil Rights Tactic

Speak Up or Stay Hidden? Undocumented Immigrants Cautious After Court Ruling

7 Injured During White Nationalist Protest in Sacramento

Tutors See Stereotypes and Gender Bias in SAT. Testers See None of the Above.


New York Today: A Primary Primer

In New York, Gay Marchers Weigh Pride, Prejudice and the Police

Bill Would Require Relatives’ Consent for Schools to Use Cadavers

School Is Still in Session. That Doesn’t Mean Students Are in Class.

The Christian Science Monitor

Supreme Court ruling a green light for affirmative action 'experimentation'

GMO labels: The great American food fight

How Obama is helping inmates pay for college

Are Pennsylvania voters ready for a woman president?

Boston Latin's racial problems reflect US school resegregation

Do local bans on assault weapons work?

When even failure on gun control feels like a small victory

The Star-Ledger

Segregated N.J., a look at how race still divides us

For Christie, a dare: Come to Newark to pitch radical school cuts | Moran

Christie's poison dart at urban schools would take down charters, too | Editorial

Chris Christie's crafty property-tax move: With enemies like this, who needs friends? | Mulshine

9 things you need to know about N.J.'s $15 minimum wage war

A serene place of redemption for Newark ex-offenders | Di Ionno

Historic black-owned golf course falls into the rough

Edison High's poets use gut-wrenching verse as an antidote to adversity.

Changing Skyline: One Water Street developer agrees to pay for affordable housing

State test opt-outs continue to rise in Pennsylvania

Faculty union takes another step toward a possible strike

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

New law, born from HB 116, is boon to people on multiple prescriptions: State Rep. Tim Ginter

8-year-old boy accidentally shot by 10-year-old on Cleveland's West Side

Cleveland police chief praises behavior of community, officers during Cavs championship celebrations

Deal between ACLU, Cleveland includes smaller 'event zone' for Republican National Convention

The Detroit Free Press

Wayne County foreclosure numbers see big dip

Financially ailing Wayne looks to join taxing authority

Questions remain unanswered about Detroit demolitions

Longer day, shorter year for Detroit charters bucking trend

Gov. Rick Snyder being pushed to veto $2.5m in private school funding

The Chicago Tribune

Mayor asks for city authority to buy CPS debt

Shootings leave 8 injured across city

Bellwood district pays $105,000 to refill superintendent's pension account

Illinois Sabers gives men chance to help selves, community

The Washington Post

Democrats see danger signs in states where Clinton has not fully engaged

Hillary Clinton leads, but Donald Trump supporters are more certain they’ll vote

Are voters really guided by gender stereotypes? New research says no.

With voters fed up with Washington, Clinton decries inaction in the nation’s capital

Sanders’s next challenge: Where will he take his revolution?

Divided court draws plaudits and brickbats, but Kennedy’s role remains constant — for now

Americans are paying more and more to live in the very places they once abandoned

Academic-turned-businesswoman says African advancement lies in capitalism

Why have so many people accepted the idea that kids need to fail more?

Summer jobs program kicks off, but critics still unsure new expansion works

For Md. workers who may have been shortchanged, a hotline and many questions

Court rules D.C. underserves and underidentifies preschoolers with disabilities

Prince George’s revives old debate about adding at-large council seats

District campaign donors are disproportionately white, wealthy and male, report says

The Los Angeles Times

'We’re not the same as in 1945': Activist tells the story of how her parents fought school segregation in California

Assemblywoman Bonilla, a former teacher, takes on the powerful union

A black police chief finds his way in the era of Black Lives Matter

Opinion: How race-based affirmative action could return to UC

USA Today

Trump foes try to create a ballot spot for a challenger-to-be-named

Michelle Obama, Sasha, Malia head to Africa

Obama’s national monuments are about more than conservation

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