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July 08, 2020

In 2003 President George W. Bush condemned slavery as one of the greatest crimes in history during a visit to Goree Island in Senegal.

Today in Black America - July 20

POSTED: July 20, 2016, 12:00 pm

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Today in Black History: Wheatley Provident Hospital, the first medical facility to serve the Black community in Kansas City, Missouri, is opened in 1920.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Encounters with police mainly have been uneventful so far, some protesters say

At RNC forum, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin blames media for "fomenting" animosity toward police

RNC protesters without peaceful agendas 'need a different cause,' Cleveland police chief says

Code Pink activists ejected from RNC arena decry Trump campaign's 'hateful rhetoric'

The New York Times


Opinion: Why There Is No War on the Police

In Baton Rouge, a Divided City Faces Two Different Tragedies

Convention Speeches Unsettle Black Republicans

Trump Claims Nomination, With G.O.P. Discord Clear

How Melania Trump Sent Her Speech Veering Off Course

Blacks Lash Out at Melania Trump on Twitter After Convention Speech

How Trump Picked His Running Mate

Roger Ailes Is Negotiating His Exit as Fox News Chairman

A TV Titan at His Peak Hits the End of His Path

Hillary Clinton Is Said to Seek National Security Experience for Vice Presidential Pick

Wisconsin Residents Can Vote Without a Photo ID in November


New Jersey Drivers Fume as Road and Bridge Work Stops

‘We’re Coming to Get You!’ It’s Vintage Giuliani at G.O.P. Convention

Prosecutor Offers Glimpse of Evidence in New York Police Corruption Case

Final 9/11 Remnants Removed From Hangar in Solemn Ceremony

The Christian Science Monitor

Between red and blue, 'cranberry' voters carve an unlikely niche

GOP convention: Why political violence, so far, isn't as bad as 1968

The Trump show and the irony of a 'showbiz' GOP convention (+video)

The Star-Ledger

N.J. political parties just aren't raising big bucks any more

Senate Dems on tour to promote their version of a school spending reform plan

Fact-checking Christie's takedown of Hillary Clinton at RNC 2016

Christie's RNC speech: It's all about the base | Moran

6 N.J., 4 Philly radio stations sold in $240M deal

Jones: Whites have long stolen, benefited from African-American culture

Inquirer editorial: Philly's dime-funded insider's lush lifestyle

City looking to hire with soda-tax funds

AG's Office settles pay-equity complaint with Kane's sister

The Detroit Free Press

Foundation gives $15M for Flint theater restoration effort

Ex-DPS vendor Norman Shy must forfeit million-dollar home, bank accounts

Judge tosses Davontae Sanford murder charges, but urges probe for truth

Judge: 8 unanswered questions from Davontae Sanford case

Shouts of 'Shame!' as Michigan panel implements controversial DPS plan

The Chicago Tribune

21 kids, age 13 and under, shot in the city this year

More than 2,200 people shot in Chicago this year, 21 of them kids 13 and under

Judge tosses Rauner-backed Illinois redistricting referendum from ballot

90 years for killing pregnant 17-year-old: 'I hope (it) haunts you in the midnight hour'

City Hall ordered to turn over emails to Tribune

The Los Angeles Times

Justice Department says money embezzled from Malaysian fund were used to finance L.A. real estate, ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

State funding cuts during the recession still shortchanging Cal State students, officials say

The Washington Post

Republican National Convention: As Trump captures nomination, former rivals prepare to take the stage

GOP convention crowd chants 'lock her up' as Gov. Christie 'presents the case' against Clinton

Hatch Act — too complicated for a Cabinet secretary? Not really

Lobbyists have raised $7 million for Hillary Clinton. For Trump? Zero

Trump’s courtship of black voters hampered by decades of race controversies

Alaska GOP objects to vote tally

Historian reacts to that weird thing Rep. Steve King said about whites and ‘subgroups’

She was the tops at ordering tows in D.C. And she was on the take.

Arlington’s historic fire station to be rebuilt where it has been for 98 years

USA Today

Fact check: Night 2 of GOP convention

Kansas Black Lives Matter holds picnic with police instead of protest

Protester challenges police to shoot him like Tamir Rice

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