today in black history

July 09, 2020

E. Frederic Morrow becomes the first Black to serve in the Executive Office of the President in 1955, appointed by President Eisenhower.

Today in Black America - October 3

POSTED: October 03, 2016, 8:00 am

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Today in Black History: Bethune-Cookman College was founded in Daytona Beach, Florida by educator Mary McCleod Bethune in 1904

The New York Times


EDITORIAL: A Crippled Supreme Court’s New Term

Ailing Health Care Act May Have to Change to Survive

Bundy Brothers, Who Sought to Rally a Nation, Draw Scant Support at Trial

The Unintended Consequences of Taking a Hard Line on School Discipline

Next Big Tech Corridor? Between Seattle and Vancouver, Planners Hope

Donald Trump and His Allies Struggle to Move Past Tax Revelation

How Hillary Clinton Grappled With Bill Clinton’s Infidelity, and His Accusers

Hillary Clinton and Democrats Raised $154 Million in September

Hillary Clinton’s Positive Message? That Was the Plan, at Least


‘They Keep Finding Bodies’: Gang Violence in Long Island Town Fuels Immigration Debate

New Jersey Transit Was Under Investigation Before Fatal Crash

N.J. Transit Engineer Has No Memory of Fatal Train Crash, Officials Say

The Christian Science Monitor

'Living in hell'? Trump's words don't match reality, black people say

Do offensive names deserve trademark protection? Supreme Court to weigh in.

How a Hollywood scandal is changing rape laws around the country (+video)

THE MONITOR'S VIEW Why some cities thrive as economic engines

The Star-Ledger

Bridgegate trial: An inside look at the biggest legal show in N.J.

Prosecutors probe 'suspicious' death of Newark boy, 8

Transportation Trust Fund fix is not a panacea for NJ Transit | Editorial

Christie has final say on bill offering unemployment to striking workers

Investigators don't know why Hoboken train was speeding, Christie says

Philly School District ordered to offer special-ed fix

From drugs to diplomas

At Lincoln U., calls for change growing louder

Police-involved shooting with 109 shots stirs memories of 1992 case

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Shooting Without Bullets project shares Cleveland kids' views on violence and police reform

Should Cleveland merge its health department with Cuyahoga County?

Cleveland's troubled Department of Public Health: A familiar story, decades in the making

Cleveland's public health problems are rooted in a long history of neglect

Racial profiling 'destroys American values of fairness, justice': Margaret Mitchell, YWCA of Greater Cleveland

Cleveland NAACP reacts to Cleveland police union's vote to endorse Donald Trump for president

The Detroit Free Press

Voter registration totals in Michigan lag behind those for 2008, 2012

Rochelle Riley: Lessons from 3 days in Charlotte

Beautiful dilemma: Give $1.2B to worthy causes in 20 years or less

Detroit school lawsuit: Does U.S. Constitution guarantee literacy?

Rev. Wilma R. Johnson, pioneer among women clergy, dies

The Chicago Tribune

3 dead, 5 wounded in city shootings

Emanuel budget speech set for same day as CTU strike

Homewood woman killed at party near North Carolina university

A principled option for U.S. president: Endorsing Gary Johnson, Libertarian

The Washington Post

Why black workers who do everything right still get left behind

Why we might want to grow the House of Representatives by 250 more seats

A dozen arrested who were protesting the killing of an unarmed black man in San Diego

Police release videos of killing of unarmed black man near San Diego

Student recommended for mental health screening after drawing picture of lynching and ‘Black Lives Matter’

Supreme Court to begin new term short-handed as its ideological balance hinges on fall vote

Historic black school defaced with ‘white power’ and Nazi graffiti

‘I’m going to hit him’: Dash-cam video shows officers tried to run over man before shooting him 14 times

New D.C. litter drama: City fines 91-year-old with dementia who no longer lives in rowhouse

Residents in most diverse areas say their neighborhoods are better than others

‘I just got scared’: Baltimore teen accused of killing classmate is found not guilty

This small-town mayor was feuding with his city council. So he got a new one.

The Los Angeles Times

Supreme Court set to decide cases on insider trading, death penalty and aid to church schools

Protests erupt in South L.A. for a second night after police fatally shoot an armed teen

LAPD gang officers fatally shoot a man in South L.A., the second police shooting in two days there

Sacramento is reeling over a video possibly showing officers trying to run over a mentally ill man

School bonds used to be as controversial as mom and apple pie. Not anymore under Gov. Jerry Brown

USA Today

Hurricane Matthew closes in on Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba

Former Alaska reporter faces 54 years in jail for pot club

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