today in black history

July 03, 2020

Educator Dr. Ruth Simmons, the first Black president of Brown University, was born on this date in 1945 in Grapeland, Texas.

Today in Black America - November 22

POSTED: November 22, 2016, 8:00 am

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Today in Black History: The Philadelphia Tribune is founded in 1884, now the oldest continually published non-church Black newspaper.

The New York Times


One Man's Fears for Standing Rock

Trump Outlines Initial Goals of Presidency in YouTube Video

Editorial: The Wrong Target

Seeing Aggression in a Focus on Generals

Billionaires vs. the Press in the Era of Trump

Trump Calls TV Figures to Meeting, and Lets Them Have It

Long Before Christie’s Fall, Grievances and Grumbling

Rights Groups Urge Trump to Rebuke Alt-Right Racism

Judges Find Wisconsin Redistricting Unfairly Favored Republicans

U.S. Dementia Rates Are Dropping Even as Population Ages


New York Seeks to Jump-Start College Savings by Giving Cash to Kindergartners’ Parents

Mayor de Blasio Vows to Shield New Yorkers From Trump’s Policies

Yale Dean at Center of Protests Is Leaving for Northwestern

$10 Million Contract Details Cost of Defending Mayor de Blasio in Inquiry

The Christian Science Monitor

Why Hillary Clinton lost the white women's vote

Is Joe Biden what the DNC needs now?

To help low-income students, more schools try dual-language

In blue cities, new resolve to address hate crimes (+video)

Officials told Philadelphia schools need $5b in repairs

Lincoln U. to search for new president

Police: Villanova U. student declines to pursue charges in postelection incident

How Trump plans to distract America to death

Ex-Pa. chief justice, ex-Philly DA Castille: I want to be U.S. attorney

DA assigns 6 prosecutors to 'vigorously prosecute' hate crimes

The Star-Ledger

Christie declines to say if Trump has offered him a position

Pension bill requiring quarterly payments heads to Christie's desk

Police chief to leave divided department, get $78K payout

N.J. lawmakers want to reinstate death penalty in 'extreme' cases

N.J. man gets federal prison for stealing $200K worth of goods from Barnes & Noble

HS student suspended for posting racially-charged photo after election

The Detroit Free Press

Riley: Governor, it's time for leadership on literacy

State of Michigan says literacy is not a fundamental right

After racially charged incidents, Royal Oak students told not to bully

Ultimate internships: 15,000 high schoolers get job ops year-round

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

East Cleveland mayor claims resident assaulted him on Election Day

Donald Trump interviews prominent Cleveland lawyer for possible role in new administration

Supreme Court rules immigrant defendant deserved warning that admitting crime could lead to deportation

The Chicago Tribune

Rep. Danny Davis struggles with eulogy for slain grandson

EDITORIALS: The burden of Chicago violence doesn't fall on one grieving grandfather. It falls on everyone.

Teen killed, 7 wounded in West, South side shootings

Exelon teams up with Big Coal in subsidy-filled Springfield bill

The question we should all ask: What are we willing to do about violence?

The Washington Post

Trump is seeking to build a diverse team, aides insist

Defiant Trump meets TV journalists, execs in private — and lets them have it

Wisconsin legislative map ruled illegally partisan; case will go to Supreme Court

Education Secretary calls on all states to abandon corporal punishment

Why Trump won’t say yet if he intends to keep James Comey as FBI director

Federal agency accuses settlement-purchasing company of violating Consumer Protection Act

Former Sen. Scott Brown says he's the best pick for VA secretary after Trump meeting

How Rudy Giuliani’s brand as a crime-fighting mayor made him millions in Latin America

College leaders: Save program shielding students from deportation

In gentrified Shaw, old-timers offer advice to young — and sometimes naive — newcomers

Antwan Wilson, schools chief in Oakland, Calif., expected to be nominated for D.C. schools chancellor

‘I beg them to release her’: Outside ICE, a plea for mercy for an undocumented immigrant

4 Md. residents convicted of scamming victims out of millions

The Los Angeles Times

Dakota Access pipeline protester may lose her arm after small explosion, activists say

Democrats ask themselves: Now what? Who'll lead the party from the wilderness, and how?

Group awards grants to spawn successful L.A. schools. The amount is small, but the symbolism is huge

Inside the Indian IRS scam that cheated U.S. taxpayers out of millions

Trump's first promises since winning the election leave out the border wall, NAFTA and his Muslim ban

Home buyers' and sellers' interests must be protected when the same firm represents both, state Supreme Court rules

USA Today

U.S. Education Secretary to schools: Stop hitting, paddling students

Feds prosecute pain-clinic workers as drug dealers

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