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July 12, 2020

In 1787 delegates to the Constitutional Convention agreed to count slaves as "three-fifths" of a person for political representation.

Today in Black America - December 30

POSTED: December 23, 2016, 8:30 am

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Today in Black History: Josiah Walls, former slave, Civil War soldier and Member of Congress from Florida, is born in 1842. Today is the 5th day of Kwanzaa, Nia (Purpose)

The New York Times


Moscow Set to Expel 35 Diplomats

Obama Punishes Russia for Hacking

2 Compounds Caught in History’s Echoes

Report on Russian Hacking

EDITORIAL: President Obama Punishes Russia, at Last

Obama, Israel and a Clash of Values Among U.S. Jews

The Two-State Solution: A Guide

American Jews Divide Over Strain in U.S.-Israel Relations

In ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ Israel, Separate Lives and Divergent Narratives

China Warmly Welcomes a Giant Rooster With Trumpian Characteristics


Second Avenue Subway Ringing In New Year With Party

Editorial: New York’s New Subway Is a Century Overdue

After Paladino’s Racist Remarks, Buffalo School Board Demands He Resign

New York State Is Ordered to Release $69 Million for ‘Failing’ Schools

The Christian Science Monitor

In dramatically young Africa, elderly are a valuable resource

For Native Americans, new national monument a rare victory

The Star Ledger

Request for bail reform to be put on hold rejected

Facebook posts of witness interviews lead to arrest of accused gang member

Why 2017 should be better (ok, it has to be better) than 2016 for Atlantic City

N.J. should repay feds $95M in Medicaid funds, watchdog agency says

Pa. prosecutors balk at $2 million bill from Porngate investigator

Kenney's administration doesn't yet mirror the city it serves

Allegheny County ends tax exemption for 300-plus properties

The Detroit Free Press

Steven Rhodes ready to pass the baton as leader of Detroit schools

Michigan vehicle registration will soon go up by 20%

United Shore to pay feds $48M over bad FHA mortgages

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Homelessness has dropped -- but do you believe the numbers?

Proposed Cleveland cell phone ban languishes in City Council

Dreyfuss-Wells appointed new CEO of NE Ohio Regional Sewer District

City disputes monitor's criticism of Cleveland police equipment plan, asks court for approval

Four drug cases tied to corrupt East Cleveland cops dropped

The Chicago Tribune

Persistent, random and spreading: Chicago violence has soared to levels not seen in nearly 20 years

An auction of adults with disabilities launched Illinois’ troubled transition from institutions to group homes

2 residents from now-shuttered group homes found; 1 remains missing

7 wounded in city shootings

Mayor's former top aide to get Chicago Board of Education post

The Washington Post

Putin: Won’t expel diplomats in response to U.S. hacking sanctions

What the U.S. measures against Russia mean for the relationship between the two countries

To reset the conversation about race, college course starts with a DNA test

Democrats are already building a case against Trump’s pick to lead Treasury Department

Fatal shootings by police remain relatively unchanged after two years

Buffalo school board demands resignation of member Carl Paladino for vile comments about Obamas

The Energy Department just issued five new regulations that Trump could try to cancel

One key difference between counties that voted for Trump and those that voted for Clinton

Presidential vote in congressional districts points to Democratic risks in 2018

The surprising reason why the prison population keeps shrinking

Va. lawmaker wants porn declared a public health hazard

Sanders, Democratic leaders announce ‘Day of Action’ to preempt health care cuts

A pill revolutionized HIV prevention in gay men. D.C. wants black women to use it.

The Los Angeles Times

Can a federal government scientist in California convince Trump that climate change is real?

California's top court says public may see government's legal bills

When city retirement pays better than the job

USA Today

Teacher resigns after making racist Facebook comments about Obamas

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