today in black history

July 09, 2020

E. Frederic Morrow becomes the first Black to serve in the Executive Office of the President in 1955, appointed by President Eisenhower.

Today in Black America - January 31

POSTED: January 31, 2017, 8:00 am

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Today in Black History: Congress abolishes slavery with the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. The vote in the House is 121 to 24.

The New York Times


Why Democracy Prevailed in Gambia

In South Africa, Deadly Tuberculosis Strain Is Spread Directly

Killings at Quebec City Mosque Force Canadians to Confront a Strain of Intolerance


Trump Fires Acting Attorney General

Trump’s Talk About Muslims Led Acting Attorney General to Defy Ban

Where Immigrants From Banned Nations Live in the U.S.

Migrants Were Told to Sign Away Right to Enter U.S., Lawyers Say

State Dept. Officials Should Quit if They Disagree with Trump, White House Warns

Obama’s Protections for L.G.B.T. Workers Will Remain Under Trump

Are You Married to Your Party?

Justice Dept. Turmoil Raises Pressure on Senators to Confirm Jeff Sessions

What Trump’s Changes Mean for the National Security Council

Liberal Lawyers Plan Wave of Resistance to Trump Policies


Cuomo Champions Opposition to Trump’s Order on Refugees

De Blasio Steps Away From Trump Turmoil to Defend His Ideas in Albany

Refugee Ban Endangers ‘Part of American Legacy’

The Christian Science Monitor

Some conservatives chime in: Trump immigrant ban is not American

Disrupter-in-chief turns Washington upside down

Trump's executive actions: Dramatic but fatally flawed?

One town’s quest to join tech revolution – and what it says about digital inequality

The Star-Ledger

'Build the wall': Dover superintendent IDs Jefferson hoops fans' alleged racial slurs

More than 1K gather in Jersey City to protest Trump actions

5 'sanctuary' cities in N.J. that could be hurt

A top Christie fundraiser and homeland security adviser blasts Trump's travel ban

The real lesson of Trump's travel ban: If you don't want refugees, don't start wars | Mulshine

UPDATED: More N.J. House Republicans break with Trump on travel ban

Trump immigration order's impact on Philly — a guide

Judge clears ex-cop of teen assault; victim's mom wants answers

After arrest by corrupt cop, 6 years in prison, N. Philly man to be freed

Newly jailed Chaka Fattah gets some advice from his incarcerated son

The Chicago Tribune

America always knew the Emmett Till story was a lie

Top cop asks inspector general to look into incident involving fiancee's son

City passes 300 shot in 2017; 1 dead, 10 hurt in shootings

Chicago's racial wealth gap far worse than U.S. average, report finds

Controversial ex-forensic lab analyst focus of another inmate's appeal

Stevenson girl charged in juvenile court in beating of classmate, police say

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Muslim civil rights group challenges Trump travel ban

Bail reform could save U.S. taxpayers $78 billion, study says

Ohio's highest school property tax rates

Kasich budget offers modest increases to school aid, cuts to shrinking districts

Gov. Kasich proposes changes to state public transit funding

Gov. John Kasich wants to 'greatly' expand lead abatement, calls for state registry of "lead safe" rentals

The Detroit Free Press

61 Muslim refugees bound for Michigan will be kept out

Michigan Republicans voice concern with Trump travel order

Travelers' texts, emails searched at Detroit Metro Airport

Detroit City Clerk Winfrey: We need younger, tech-savvy poll workers

The Los Angeles Times

Democrats prepare to fight Trump's Supreme Court pick as GOP-led Senate weighs 'nuclear option' on filibuster

Border walls aren't unheard of, but today they are increasingly dividing friends, not enemies

Despite heavy secrecy, portraits emerging of those detained at LAX under Trump order

Republican-led Congress starting to worry about its role in the Trump era

How a top conservative radio host took on Trump, lost his audience and faith, but gained a new perspective

USA Today

For some, Sally Yates' firing resembles Saturday Night Massacre

Sessions faces Senate vote, as Trump throws DOJ in chaos

Google employees stage worldwide walkout over Trump edict

The Washington Post

Trump has fired the acting attorney general who ordered Justice Dept. not to defend president’s travel ban

Watch Jeff Sessions grill Sally Yates on opposing the president

The number of people affected by Trump’s travel ban: About 90,000

The Supreme Court will examine partisan gerrymandering in 2017. That could change the voting map.

Kasich to publish ‘Two Paths,’ a book offering a contrast to Trump’s America

The tale of a Trump falsehood: How his voter fraud claim spread like a virus

Democrats escalate their attacks on Trump, while Republicans accuse him of leaving them in the dark

Angry Republicans lash out at Trump for not consulting them on travel ban

From order to disorder: How Trump’s immigration directive exposed GOP rifts

Former Park Service director speaks out against Trump administration

College endowment returns sink to their lowest level since the financial crisis

Washington’s worst case of lead poisoning in decades happened in a home sanctioned by housing officials

Baker offers plan to overhaul the Pr. George’s County liquor board

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