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August 08, 2020

Famed explorer Matthew Henson was born in 1866 in Charles County, MD, a member of the first expedition to reach the North Pole.

Today in Black America - February 10

POSTED: February 10, 2017, 7:00 am

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Today in Black History: Opera star Leontyne Price is born in Laurel, Mississippi on this date in 1927.

The New York Times


Trump Loses Bid to Reinstate Travel Ban

Read the Court’s Decision

EDITORIAL: ‘Bad Dude’? No, but Deported Anyway

California Farmers Backed Trump, but Now Fear Losing Field Workers

A New and Rising Price Tag for Trump’s Wall: $21.6 Billion

Price Is Confirmed as Health Secretary

White House Says Gorsuch Remarks Not About Trump

Flynn Is Said to Have Talked Sanctions With Russia

In a Nod to Beijing, Trump Endorses ‘One China’ Policy

Consumer Watchdog Faces Attack by House G.O.P.

Trump Signs Orders to Combat Crime, With Little New in Them

Trump’s Defense of Ivanka Reflects Approach That Could Hurt the Economy


First Came Giuliani’s Input on the Immigration Order. Now There’s the Court Test.

How’s the Mayor Doing? A Color-Coded App Can Answer That

Police to Strengthen Force in New York’s Most Violent Borough

Push for Contentious DNA Method Outlasts the Case Calling for It

The Christian Science Monitor

For many abroad, ideal of 'America' still cherished – at least for now

For skeptical Americans, a debate over whether to give Trump a chance (+video)

Up close and personal: how Trump's attacks against the judiciary are different

Will Brazil's prison riots spur needed reforms? (+video)

The Star-Ledger

Violence in Jersey City: 5 shootings in 15 hours

More evidence needed to lock up defendants under N.J. bail reform, judges rule

To N.J. congressmen: If you're not battling travel ban, you're backing bigotry | Opinion

This small N.J. town voted to declare itself a 'sanctuary city'

Appeals court halts automatic solitary for Pennsylvania inmates no longer facing execution

Inquirer Editorial: Transparency crucial in spending funds to fix parks, rec centers, and libraries

Pennsylvania lawmaker invites Trump to 'destroy' career

Philly DA's reforms unit dedicated to reviewing innocence claims

A black woman conquered Atlantic City through hair in the 1920s. A new film tells her story.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cleveland federal judge says Trump's comments on judiciary calls president's 'legitimacy' into question

'She was a crack fiend' excuse less acceptable as rape investigations and prosecutions improve

Cleveland federal judge says Mexican border crossers he sentenced were not violent criminals

Bill would automatically register Ohioans to vote

Ohio colleges among most expensive in U.S.; coalition calls for schools, lawmakers to step up

The Chicago Tribune

In unanimous ruling, U.S. appeals court refuses to reinstate Trump travel ban

Huppke: Appeals court introduces President Trump to Mr. Checks and Mrs. Balances

GOP Rep. calls Conway's promotion of Ivanka Trump brand 'wrong, wrong, wrong'

Hundreds grill Rep. Jason Chaffetz at Utah town hall while more protest outside

Teen killed, 3 others wounded in city shootings

Firing recommended for Chicago cop for allegedly lying about fatal shooting

The Detroit Free Press

Immigrant advocates in Michigan cheer federal court ruling

State audit: No evidence of fraud in Detroit vote

Michigan ending discounts for Flint water bills

Reform officer defends action on failing schools

Ex-Dearborn City Clerk Buda arrested, arraigned on embezzlement counts

The Washington Post

Previously barred refugees, immigrants can continue entering the U.S.

Graphic: How travel ban broke from the normal executive order process

7 key takeaways from the ruling

How a federal appeals court ended Trump’s 18-month winning streak

Flynn discussed sanctions with Russian envoy before Trump took office, officials say

Details of Trump-Putin call raise new White House concerns about leaks

Price confirmed to lead Health and Human Services Department on party-line vote

The Fix: Spicer went full Melissa McCarthy during today’s news briefing

Rubin: The 9th Circuit deals a blow to the imperial — and incompetent — president

The dilemma Democrats face right now. (Hint: It involves a lot of losing.)

Juvenile justice advocates push back against changes to D.C.’s second-chance law

Signs promoting diversity taken down at Virginia high school

Virginia inspector general may lose job over inmate death probe

In era of Trump, CASA pushing for new laws in Maryland suburbs

The Los Angeles Times

Immigration arrests in L.A. spark fear and outrage, but officials say they are routine

California's second largest reservoir is damaged. These water releases just made it worse

Republicans think they've found the ideal candidate for governor. So why isn't Kevin Faulconer interested?

L.A., Orange counties are home to 1 million immigrants who are in the country illegally, analysis shows

USA Today

Trump rages in ALL CAPS after appeals court rules against him

Deported Arizona mom: Victim or convicted felon?

Less than meets the eye: Trump's orders aren't always what they seem

AG Sessions chats by phone with heads of NAACP, National Urban League

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