today in black history

July 12, 2020

In 1787 delegates to the Constitutional Convention agreed to count slaves as "three-fifths" of a person for political representation.

Today in Black America - February 28

POSTED: February 28, 2017, 10:30 am

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Today in Black History: In 1943 a rebellion occurs in Detroit when Blacks who have rented new housing units are met with violence by whites

The New York Times


Black History Month: Pressing Forward After Progress

What’s the Problem, America?

EDITORIAL: A Blank Check Won’t Make the U.S. More Secure

Trump to Seek $54 Billion Increase in Military Spending

Trump Budget Sets Up Clash Over Ideology Within G.O.P.

President Discovers Health Overhaul Is ‘So Complicated’

The Highs and Lows of Job Approval

Trump Plans to Begin E.P.A. Rollback With Order on Clean Water

Justice Dept. to Drop Objection to Texas Voter ID Law

Trump Gives His Presidency an ‘A,’ but not Messaging

In California, a Move to Ease the Pressures on Aging Dams

New Film School Focuses on Industry’s Diversity


New York City Will Be Asked to Release More Data on Students

Fight Looms as Bill de Blasio Plans to Seek 90 New Homeless Shelters

Poor Families to Get More Help With Rent From New York State

The F.B.I. Questioned de Blasio. Hours Later, This Man Was Fired.

The Christian Science Monitor

The problem with the claim that President Trump is on a 'dictatorial path'

White House drops Obama-era discrimination claim against Texas voter ID law (+video)

Five years after Trayvon Martin’s death: What’s changed? (+video)

A powerful incentive to integrate

The Star-Ledger

The 20 N.J. school districts most dependent on state funding

N.J. pension debt soared to $49B last year

Hospital works to improve as patients claim 'horrific' conditions

Red Bank committee votes on protections for undocumented residents

School board member resigns over offensive Facebook posts

Newark police shooting of suspect terrifies residents of apartment complex

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Tamir Rice 911 call-taker has disciplinary hearing

March events for Carl and Louis Stokes: Honoring the Past, Inspiring the Future

Ohio ranks first among states for affordability, 35th overall: See U.S. News rankings

Feds want to garnish former Cleveland Brown Reggie Rucker's NFL pension, possible concussion settlement

Ohio congress members make political points with guests to Donald Trump's speech

Cleveland should name schools for Arnold Pinkney, President Obama, says Councilman Zack Reed

Kellyanne Conway kneels on Oval Office couch, sparks debate

Bleak picture emerges at hearing on city finances under Trump

Jon Stewart to the media: ‘Stop your whining’ about Trump

Superior Court upholds contempt conviction against Kathleen Kane's driver

The Chicago Tribune

CPS chief warns about 'worst-case scenario' if district funding lawsuit fails: School ends June 1

5 wounded in city shootings

Jesse Jackson Jr. says he feels 'attacked from all angles'

EDITORIALS: What will Trump say about the financial mess he faces?

The Detroit Free Press

Bringing Detroit's Black Bottom back to (virtual) life

Coleman Young II announces mayoral run: 'We need change'

Detroit can't afford to make more mistakes with its schools

Detroit police union president facing charges

Detroit police seek pair after shooting death of teen

The Los Angeles Times

The real goal of the executive orders: Reduce the number of immigrants in the U.S.

Why Rep. Darrell Issa is breaking with his fellow Republicans on the Russian hacking probe

The political time bomb at the heart of Republican Obamacare alternatives: Higher costs for more Americans

As high-profile incidents fade from the headlines, California lawmakers move away from police accountability bills

In L.A.'s historic African American core, a growing Latino wave represents a possible 'turning point'

USA Today

Trump says he'll 'speak from the heart' during first speech to Congress

How the last 5 presidents handled their first address to Congress

The Washington Post

Justice Department changes course in high-profile Texas voter-ID case

Trump spending plan that makes good on campaign vows puts GOP in a quandary

Was this dinner the reason Trump is in the White House today?

Why Trump invited this student to his first joint address to Congress

Analysis: The Conway picture is only a small error in Trump's black college event

Sessions vows crackdown on violent crime in first major speech as attorney general

These 12 superbugs pose the greatest threat to human health, WHO says

Four Pinocchios for lawmaker’s claim that two key Obamacare elements are ‘Republican provisions’

Analysis: It’s not just lead that’s poisoning the water. It’s also politics.

Perspective: Trump’s budget plan depends on wholly unrealistic cuts to the rest of government

D.C. police review panel questions use of crowd-control devices during inauguration demonstrations

Chaffetz faces new opponent: a DC PAC created to oust him

Taking a lawbreaking past out of college applications

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