today in black history

July 05, 2020

Arthur Ashe, Jr. won the men's singles tennis championship at Wimbledon in 1975, making him the first Black male to take the title.

Today in Black America - March 10

POSTED: March 10, 2017, 9:30 am

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Today in Black History: The first National Black Political Convention is held in Gary, Indiana on this date in 1972, with the rallying cry "It's Nation Time!"

The New York Times


Republican Health Care Bill Marches Ahead in Congress

Why Trump Supporters Have the Most to Lose With the G.O.P. Repeal Bill

Obama Education Rules Are Swept Aside by Congress

Brooks: The Republican Health Care Crackup

David Leonhardt: Want to Fix Schools? Go to the Principal’s Office

John Kasich: End the Partisan Warfare on Health Care

White House Casts Pre-emptive Doubt on Budget Office

After Trump, Some Executives Ask, Why Not Me?

Charlie Crist, Once a Republican, Takes a Seat Among Democrats in Congress

What the President Could Learn From Professional Economists


Cuomo’s $1.4 Billion Plan Targets Brooklyn in Fight Against Poor Health and Poverty

New York City to Get Less Federal Aid for Housing

From Green Taxis to Taxes on Nose Jobs, Budget Tips for New York

The Christian Science Monitor

Tomato pickers win higher pay. Can other workers use their strategy?

America's political system: Who should check, who should balance?

Jobs for panhandlers? Portland may pay them to clean city parks.

The Star-Ledger

N.J. lawmakers clash over Republican plan to repeal Obamacare

N.J. benefits panel: Is the lottery the solution to the state's benefits funding crisis?

Palestine is not a nation, N.J. school board claims in court

Bill to deliver $400 million in 100 days for transit projects moves forward

Corruption trial involving Pennsylvania treasury fees starts

Move to honor 'Porngate' prosecutor ignites Council

Report: Philly schools still face costs when students go to charters

Philly Clout: Congressman’s conspiracy theory was supposed to be ‘private’

Pa. sues IBM, alleging $60 million in cost overruns in unemployment-system contract

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Mayor Frank Jackson sees Cleveland as a successful city poised on greatness

"Ugly" Public Square is evolving, officials say

Greater Cleveland Congregations members pledge continued action against Q renovation proposal

House votes to restrict class action lawsuits over consumer group objections

Greater Cleveland Congregations members pledge continued action against Q renovation proposal

Cleveland teachers pass new contract killing most of merit pay plan

The Detroit Free Press

Proposed bill says no tax return, no name on ballot

4 Grand Rapids students suspended for 'disrespecting' fellow students

NAACP hears Detroiters' views on charter schools in the city

Study: Detroit ranks No. 1 for home fire risk

The Chicago Tribune

D.C. judge slashes Jesse Jackson Jr.'s child support payments

Growing up with poverty and violence: A North Lawndale teen's story

Rauner radio appearance Friday continues tactic of taking message straight to voters

Chance the Rapper names 9 schools getting $10,000 each

State: Did we say 16,700 jobs lost? We meant 2,000 gained

The Washington Post

U.S. added 235,000 jobs in Feb., setting up Fed rate hike

4 Pinocchios for Trump’s claims of creating jobs since Election Day

How Trump and his team are trying to change politics through the use of language

GOP health-care bill would drop addiction treatment mandate covering 1.3 million Americans

The poor ‘just don’t want health care’: GOP congressman faces criticism for comments

Suing your doctor for malpractice could soon become harder

One climate lawsuit could change everything. The White House doesn’t want it going to trial.

FYI, Alabama’s constitution still calls for ‘separate schools for white and colored children’

Imam: There’s an atmosphere of intolerance that says, ‘That’s okay, that’s acceptable now’

A Pentagon contractor stole government secrets. Feds say he’d also been exploiting young girls.

The terms Trump and Bannon use: a glossary

Fair-housing advocates call potential HUD cuts ‘devastating’

American Indians to march on White House in rally for rights

Watchdog calls for review of D.C. mayor’s campaign contributions

The Los Angeles

U.S. economy creates a healthy 235,000 jobs in February; unemployment rate falls to 4.7%

Selfie of white joggers in African American neighborhood sets off debate, and quest for understanding

Illinois rep asks why men should have to pay for prenatal coverage

If Republicans aren't confident enough to let the CBO score their healthcare plan, they shouldn't try to pass it

USA Today

Will millions of undocumented migrants still trust police?

Harvard Law dropped the LSAT requirement (sorry, Elle Woods)

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