today in black history

July 06, 2020

Activist lawyer Randall Robinson, founder of Africa lobby group TransAfrica, was born in 1941 in Richmond, Virginia.

Today in Black America - April 17

POSTED: April 17, 2017, 8:30 am

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Today in Black History: Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, gained independence on this date in 1980.

The New York Times


A ‘Cuban Missile Crisis in Slow Motion’ in North Korea

Editorial: President Trump’s Loose Talk on North Korea

Blow: 100 Days of Horror

Trump Voters in a Swing District Still Waiting for Change

Why Gorsuch May Not Be So Genteel on the Bench

Cleveland Police Seek Suspect After a Killing Seen on Facebook

Civil Rights Lawyers Will Challenge Body-Camera Program

As Tax Day Approaches, Protesters Demand to See Trump’s Returns

With Trump Appointees, a Raft of Potential Conflicts and ‘No Transparency’

To These Pastors, Saving the Colorado River Is a Divine Command

Federal Judge Blocks Arkansas Executions


Bill Seeks to Enlist New York Hotels to Help Fight Sex Trafficking

Deadline is here to register to vote in Pennsylvania's primaries

An unconventional teacher-prep program on the rise in Philly

Opinion: To help families, expand tax credits

The Christian Science Monitor

Why Trump's palace intrigue matters

Hearings begin on California counties’ challenge to Trump ‘sanctuary city’ order

Amid Arkansas death penalty debate, concern for the executioners

Church revival? More liberals are filling Protestant pews.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Facebook killer chooses victim at random, laughs about killing in videos

Cleveland Facebook killing: Where we stand Monday morning

Cleveland Facebook shooter may have crossed state lines, police say

Former classmate of Steve Stephens says college friends 'shocked' at Cleveland slaying

The Detroit Free Press

Did State Police beat up an 83-year-old bar owner Up North?

Riley: Why the Detroit school district needs a watchdog group

Of the 770 bills introduced, only 22 are signed into law

2 jobs for Detroit property tax official raise some questions

The Star-Ledger

Wells Fargo exec was fired for not scamming N.J. customers, lawsuit says

Head of ICE in N.J.: Rules of engagement have changed

Nuclear plant is now shut down

Unused sick days are costing us billions, as Democrats dawdle | Editorial

Trump banks $8M for 2020 with help from N.J. aide

The Chicago Tribune

EDITORIALS: Two easy moves on Chicago police reform

Man shot dead on South Side Red Line platform; 39 shot since Saturday afternoon

Stakes are high for workers, businesses as Illinois considers minimum wage hike

Borrowers must fight for themselves as student loan reforms are rolled back

The Los Angeles Times

'Never Again' Japanese internment panel will discuss strategies to avoid repeating history

How Berkeley became epicenter of violent Trump clashes

LAPD officers expected to face more scrutiny over shootings with new rules

A panel of 50 must suggest how to spend millions for L.A. County's homeless. So far, they can't agree.

16-year-old boy shot by Fresno police was suspected in death of teenager the day before

The Washington Post

He hugged his family and said, ‘I’ll see you next time.’ Then he was gunned down in a video shown on Facebook.

Under Trump, ICE arrests soar for migrants with no criminal records

Two House Republicans face anger from their own voters over health-care debacle

Do members of Congress pay for 100% of their health insurance?

Editorial: New York’s criminal-justice reform sets an example for Sessions to follow

EPA, Labor Dept. are targeted by industry leaders after Trump solicits policy advice

Perspective: Great local reporting stands between you and wrongdoing. And it needs saving.

Analysis: Restrictions on the news media are a bellwether for two disturbing trends

Analysis: Racism motivated Trump voters more than authoritarianism or income inequality

In ‘Henrietta Lacks,’ Oprah Winfrey reveals one woman’s remarkable legacy

USPS agrees to $49 million settlement after having long ‘dawdled’ in payments to beneficiaries

Why don’t schools encourage us to observe our children’s classes?

Howard University benefits and pension manager sentenced in $420,000 embezzlement

USA Today

Trump bashes tax protesters who want him to release his returns

Cleveland police: Suspect posted killing video on Facebook

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