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July 04, 2020

On this Independence Day renew your commitment to Black liberation and justice.

Today in Black America - April 24

POSTED: April 24, 2017, 11:00 am

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UNCF president Dr. Frederick Patterson meeting with President Lyndon Johnson

Today in Black History: The United Negro College Fund (UNCF) was incorporated on this date in 1927 with 27 member colleges.

The New York Times


Will the Government Be Open in a Week? These Are the Issues

Republicans Agree on No Shutdown, but Not on How to Avoid One

800 Workers Had Their Jobs Saved. Over 700 Didn’t.

Free-Speech Legend Sees Trump Tweets as Assets in Court

Blow: Resilience of the Resistance

Comey Tried to Shield the F.B.I. From Politics. Then He Shaped an Election.

For Indians, Trump’s America Is a Land of Lost Opportunity

Trump Plan Could Erase This School Program

‘Dreamers’ Are Not Target of Immigrant Crackdown, Cabinet Officials Say


Amtrak at a Junction: Invest in Improvements, or Risk Worsening Problems

Brooklyn Moves to Protect Immigrants From Deportation Over Petty Crimes

‘Soft on Crime’? Bill de Blasio Turns Gibe Into Campaign Fuel

Video Shows Judge on Hudson Shore Before Her Death

Judge Clears Way for Police Body Cameras in New York

The Christian Science Monitor

Those obituaries for Trump-style populism? A bit premature.

Breakthroughs arise from a precise mix of old and new knowledge, say scientists

O'Reilly and changing a culture of sexual harassment

The Star-Ledger

Your property taxes are sky-high. Here's what N.J. governor candidates would do about it.

N.J. assemblyman: Rededicate income tax to school funding, cut property taxes | Opinion

1 dead, 4 others reportedly shot during weekend of violence in Paterson

N.J. town's 1st woman police officer wins $355K in discrimination case

AG wants automatic jail time for gun cases under N.J. bail reform

Newark PD gets mostly good news from 'encouraged' federal monitor in landmark report

Amid questions, officers cleared of shooting innocent deliveryman

Clarke calls Rebuild path to privatization of city facilities

For Philly's voter fraud reputation, more poll watchers may be the cure

Philly's GOP chairman steps down as a battle brews to replace him

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Federal prosecutors will not pursue cases against two Lorain officers accused of using excessive force

Ohio Democratic gubernatorial candidates make their pitches: Ohio Politics Roundup

One school district and 5 communities asking voters to increase taxes, 4 school districts asking for renewals

Cleveland Facebook shooter latest example that widespread responsible gun ownership is a myth: Cyrus Guzdar (Opinion)

Ohio will forego $22M of its $71M federal charter school grant

The Chicago Tribune

4 dead, 6 wounded in shootings over seven hours

Inundated with gunshot victims, Chicago doctors and nurses face 'compassion fatigue'

Obama launches Chicago trip with visit to South Side job training group

'It's like coming home': Obama re-enters public life with visit to Chicago

Sears to close 50 auto centers, 92 Kmart pharmacies to cut costs

The Los Angeles Times

In a California farm town, the border is just a line that must be crossed every day

The billion-dollar budget item Garcetti didn't mention in his State of the City speech

An up and down week for L.A. Unified and charter schools

California could finally resume executions next year

The Detroit Free Press

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley teases run for governor

Common goal at NAACP dinner: Fight President Trump

New Detroit schools superintendent says he's willing to start early

Michigan Senate, House pare Gov. Rick Snyder's proposed budget

How state workers, Facebook, Twitter have $1B in common

The Washington Post

Trump’s boastful AP interview, annotated

Here’s how congressional Democrats plan to mark Trump’s first 100 days

Showdown looms over money for border wall as budget deadline nears

Analysis: The facile claim that Obama’s Iran negotiator was ‘the architect of the North Korean nuclear deal’

A popular public school Bible class faces a constitutional challenge

Lawyer of man dragged off United plane now represents mother in American Airlines incident

Analysis: In Trump’s America, who’s protesting and why? Here’s our March report.

Two-thirds of Americans think that the Democratic Party is out of touch with the country

Why your children’s day care may determine how wealthy they become

Minimum wage hikes do close restaurants. Just not the ones you care about.

Race is more than just black and white. This new podcast explores some of that middle ground.

Deep thinking and writing bloom at an unlikely high school in the District

Rush Holt, CEO, American Association for the Advancement of Science, spoke at the March for Science

USA Today

John Kasich says cultural erosion helped Trump rise

Confederate Memorial Day is still celebrated in these states

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