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July 12, 2020

In 1787 delegates to the Constitutional Convention agreed to count slaves as "three-fifths" of a person for political representation.

Today in Black America - September 7

POSTED: September 07, 2017, 10:00 am

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Today in Black History: John Merrick, a co-founder of the North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company was born on this date in Clinton, North Carolina in 1859

Read the latest developments related to Hurricane Irma as the Category 5 hurricane, makes its way through the Caribbean and heads toward Florida and the Carolinas.

Read continuing coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in the Houston Chronicle.

The New York Times


Caribbean Is Struck With Terrifying Force

Maps: Tracking the Path of the Storm

Lessons From Andrew Helped Florida Reinvent Planning

Trump Backs Democrats to Seal Stopgap Budget Deal

Trump’s Deal Is a Nightmare Come True for the G.O.P.

Facebook Says Russians May Have Bought Political Ads

Edsall: The Struggle Between Clinton and Sanders Is Not Over

Blow: Inner Racism Revealed

The Resegregation of Jefferson County

House Democrats Seek Committee to Combat White Supremacy


Opening Arguments in Menendez Trial Focus on the Meaning of Friendship

In Final Primary Debate, de Blasio Again Defends His Record

Man Dies in First New York City Police Shooting Caught on Body Camera

Trump to Discuss Hudson Tunnel Project With New York and New Jersey Leaders

For Teachers Working Through DACA, a Bittersweet Start to the School Year

Black Philly narcotiocs cops slam white supervisors

PA joins 14 other states in suit over DACA decision

Workforce training for Philly's young people

Museums coming to Philly's neighbirhoods with $2m William Penn grant

The Star-Ledger

Why your candidates for N.J. governor are running -- in their own words

Prosecutor paints Menendez as doctor's 'personal U.S. senator'

Bamboozled: 10 college students lose $58,000 to scams. Is your student next?

What happened when the House voted on Gateway funding

Trump and Christie to discuss Gateway project at White House meeting

Lakewood arrests lead to state program to give other Medicaid cheaters a way to avoid prosecution: Di Ionno

The Chicago Tribune

DACA measure puts City Council divide on display

Gutierrez doubles down after calling John Kelly a 'disgrace to the uniform' over DACA

Student moms who breast-feed will get space at schools under new Illinois law

Sandi Jackson subpoenas Tamron Hall, strip club and bath house owners in Jesse Jr. divorce

STEVE CHAPMAN: Donald Trump governs the way any white racist would

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Anti-bullying talk at high school by religious speaker raises concerns about separation of church and state

Mayor Frank Jackson, challengers Zack Reed and Jeff Johnson each say why they deserve the job

Cleveland mayoral candidate Bill Patmon asks state to investigate security breach at Cuyahoga elections offices

Cleveland duo charged with ethnic intimidation used racial slurs during gun threat, prosecutors say

Despite 'concessions' claims, Cuyahoga County hasn't guaranteed new mental-health centers as part of Q deal talks

Ohio Senate bill aims to increase broadband across state

The Los Angeles Times

'Dreamers' stake their futures on going public. Now, the spotlight is going to be more important than ever

Does the LAPD treat celebrity burglaries differently from the average home break-in?

Los Angeles Apparel's Dov Charney's argument for local garment production

L.A. settles with hundreds of victims of LAPD officer who snooped for celebrity private eye Anthony Pellicano

The Washington Post

Trump cuts deal with Democrats, confounding GOP leaders

Trump’s deal bewilders his biggest fans — House conservatives

Freedom Caucus leaders vent to Paul Ryan after talks with Steve Bannon

Let’s keep what happened in perspective: Democrats didn’t really win major concessions

Fact Checker Analysis: Did Obama allow a ‘back door’ to citizenship through DACA?

Analysis: White House claims ‘dreamers’ take jobs away from blacks and Hispanics. Here’s the truth.

Florida nervously tracks Hurricane Irma as Caribbean endures storm’s wrath

In interview with Trump Jr., will Grassley be the dogged investigator or the loyal Republican?

In Illinois, a Democrat chooses a socialist running mate, then dumps him

‘Terrified and confused’: Seahawks’ Michael Bennett tells of traumatic police encounter

Maryland board approves $61 million in cuts to state budget

Washington National Cathedral to remove stained glass windows honoring Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson

‘We didn’t know it was this bad’: New ACT scores show huge achievement gaps

The Detroit Free Press

Kwame Kilpatrick seeks help from pen pal: Married mom from Southfield wants him freed

Poll shows Schuette, Whitmer deadlocked in potential matchup for Michigan governor

Ann Arbor congregations: We'll be sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants amid DACA debate

Walmart scene of another brawl, this time in Dearborn

USA Today

Opinion: I worked for Republicans and Breitbart. Trump made me see what’s wrong with the GOP.

Hurricane Irma: How to prepare an emergency kit

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