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July 05, 2020

Arthur Ashe, Jr. won the men's singles tennis championship at Wimbledon in 1975, making him the first Black male to take the title.

Today in Black America - September 8

POSTED: September 08, 2017, 11:00 am

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Today in Black History: Civil Rights pioneer and NAACP Executive Director Roy Wilkins died in on this date in 1981.

Read the latest devleopments on Hurricane Irma as the catergory 5 hurricane takes aim at the state of Florida.

The New York Times


Editorial: Why the Return of Bigger Banks Means Bigger Risks for Everyone Else

U.S. Officials Ramp Up Warnings Ahead of Hurricane Irma

Puerto Rico Spared the Worst; Caribbean Islands Devastated

Why Florida Is So Vulnerable to Irma

Trump Jr. Says He Sought Information on Clinton’s ‘Fitness’

The Fake Americans That Russia Created to Sway the Election

Equifax Says Attack May Have Affected Millions of Users

For DACA Recipients, Losing Protection and Work Permits Is Just the Start

Trump Lashes Out at Congressional Republicans’ ‘Death Wish’

After Charlottesville, Colleges Vow to Do Something. But What?


Hudson Rail Tunnel Is Focus of Meeting Between Trump and State Officials

Police Consider Releasing Body Camera Footage in Fatal Bronx Shooting

For Teachers Working Through DACA, a Bittersweet Start to the School Year

The Star-Ledger

Christie's response to lewd Trump tape cost him cabinet job, Bannon says

No jail for ex-housing director who ripped off federal funds

'Affordable for who?' City tackles new housing costs, heights

Baraka: Newark airport workers deserve better wages | Opinion

Voters won't get to decide whether to eliminate primaries in this city

The Chicago Tribune

Emanuel's campaign donors get city benefits, from Lollapalooza to Vista Tower to West Loop

Search Emanuel's top third-term donors, with connections

Restaurants, employment agency ordered to pay back wages to immigrant workers

Preckwinkle says Big Soda driving pop tax opposition

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cleveland police met with Browns to discuss controversy over players kneeling during national anthem

Cleveland mayoral candidates Eric Brewer, Brandon Chrostowski, Tony Madalone and Bill Patmon appear at West Side forum

One arrested after shooting at Columbus high school, police say

How state and local officials report, classify overdose deaths lead to conflicting tallies

The Detroit Free Press

Did Warren Mayor Fouts abuse rules to give his aide lifetime job protection?

Detroit teacher files $10M lawsuit against school district, Mayor Mike Duggan

Philly cop who fatally shot fleeing man in back will be fired

Black Lives Matter, front and center, for Krasner's DA campaign

Bunch: Yo, NFL, you're morally bankrupt - I wish I knew how to quit you

Group wants to raise $140 million for city's charter, parochial and public schools

Wilmington struggles as a gun plague afflicts its youth

The Los Angeles Times

A year after accounts scandal broke, problems are still surfacing at Wells Fargo

Enrollment of Catholic school students in an online public school raises questions

Man with swastika tattoo charged with hate crime after punching man and yelling racial slur

Jahi McMath, girl declared brain dead three years ago, might still be technically alive, judge says

City Council members seek to label L.A. a 'sanctuary' for immigrants

The Washington Post

Category 4 storm — about 500 miles southeast of Miami — could make landfall early Sunday

South Florida now under warning; Hurricanes Jose and Katia intensify

‘It’s like someone with a lawn mower from the sky has gone over the island’

Leading Republican moderate announces retirement from House with parting shot at direction of GOP

Republicans alarmed by Trump making deals with Democrats

Election Integrity Commission members accuse New Hampshire voters of fraud

Gillespie rejects ‘alt-right’ label for Nazis and Klansmen in Charlottesville

Senate panel rejects Trump’s proposed federal education cuts

What city bus systems can tell us about race, poverty and us

District gets a vote of approval from Labor Dept. for improved job training

USA Today

House passes $15.25 billion hurricane aid package with short-term government funding, debt-ceiling increase

Growing up under fire: Wilmington, Delaware, leads U.S. in teen shootings

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