today in black history

January 20, 2018

On this day in 2009 Barack Obama took the oath of office as the nation's first Black President,

Today in Black America - October 20

POSTED: October 20, 2017, 1:30 am

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Today in Black History: Jomo Kenyatta, African nationalist and first president of Kenya, was born in 1893. He would lead Kenya from 1964 until 1978.

The New York Times


Bush and Obama Rebuke Trump by Implication Alone

Obama Critcizes Tactics of G.O.P. Candidate for Governor in Virginia

U.S. Must Allow Undocumented 17-Year-Old to Have Abortion, Judge Says

EDITORIAL: The Self-Dealing Presidency

G.O.P. Budget Plan Passes Senate, Easing Way to Tax Cut

A Republican Tax Plan Few Have Seen

Californians Will Soon Have Nonbinary as a Gender Option on Birth Certificates

In St. Louis, Protests Over Police Violence Disrupt Economy, and Win Attention

Native American Secrets Lie Buried in Huge Shell Mounds


Using DNA to Sketch What Victims Look Like; Some Call It Science Fiction

Murphy and New Jersey Voters Can Get U.S. Back on Track, Obama Says

SRC could vote to off itself by end of the year

9 local schools win coveted National Blue Ribbon Honor

After racial incident, Quakertown supe says, 'This is not just a one-time incident. We have a problem'

The N-word, a scuff;e, a protest: Racial tensions flare at Washington Twp., NJ school

Gerrymandering and the 2018 elections: Advocates ask Pa. Supreme Court to use rare power

The Detroit Free Press

Watch Detroit city council candidates debate the issues live Friday

Rescued Rosa Parks house rescued from Detroit is returning to America

Detroit residents raise concerns about Gilbert's $520M jail proposal

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Watch video highlights of Frank Jackson's and Zack Reed's Cleveland mayoral debate at the City Club

Columbus-area Rep. Pat Tiberi to quit Congress

Contaminants taint some NE Ohio water, but EPA says safe to drink

Ohio city councilman arrested at campaign event

Stark State College Akron on target to open for Fall 2018 classes

The Chicago Tribune

Meet the woman who coined 'Me Too' 10 years ago — to help women of color

Rep. Frederica Wilson says John Kelly got his facts wrong: 'This has become totally personal'

3 dead, 3 wounded in city shootings, including 16-year-old boy

NRA's insurance coverage for people involved in shootings criticized as 'murder insurance'

The Star-Ledger

N.J. corrections officer accused of having child pornography

Camden's pitch for new Amazon HQ

'We don't feel safe here,' Student tensions flare over racism, scuffle at HS

See where your money is going in the N.J. race for governor

42 pimps, prostitutes in N.J. arrested in FBI child sex trafficking bust

The Los Angeles Times

In stunning attack, George W. Bush rebukes Trump, suggesting he promotes falsehoods and prejudice

Ryan says tax overhaul will include a bracket aimed at the wealthy

Steve Bannon's speech to the California GOP tonight has some Republicans nervous

Graphic allegations about California legislator show there are few protections for female lobbyists in the Capitol

The Washington Post

The woman behind ‘Me Too’ knew its power when she started using the phrase — 10 years ago

Police officers with body cameras are as likely to use force as those who don’t have them

Federal judge refuses to erase Joe Arpaio’s conviction, despite Trump pardon

The GOP’s tax cut plan has cleared one hurdle. Now comes the hard part.

What John Kelly got wrong about Rep. Wilson and the family of a slain soldier

Charity’s promise to give $498,000 to Senate candidate Roy Moore was not reported to IRS as income

Trump claims U.K. crime is up because of ‘Radical Islamic terror.’ The agency behind the data disagrees.

Some Afghan troops training in the U.S. feared violence and corruption at home. So they went AWOL.

Virginia attorney general candidates go after each other in final debate

Obama back on campaign trail to rally for Ralph Northam in Richmond

Black Democrat omitted from some Democratic campaign fliers in Virginia

USA Today

Democrats scrap effort to force Bernie Sanders to be a Democrat

Judge denies Joe Arpaio's motion to erase his criminal contempt conviction

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